New Snow Pix: Swanton and SoundBeacher

Swanton, in coastal Massachusetts, is really braving the snow – it’s so bad she couldn’t even see her porch furniture. 🙂 Um, wait Swanton, you did know I wanted photos WITH snow??


Okay, so she really doesn’t have the snow, but she reports “the wind is fierce“. Shall we give her small violins for that??

SoundBeacher was on the road (yikes!), coming up the East coast Friday seeing this:

Captain Obvious says…..

We walked in the Old Greenwich about 1pm today. Cars are driving around; some shops were open, like the bakery, the barber shop and the grocery store. I saw my mailman driving in the mail truck and we got a box delivered later in the afternoon. It’s been steady snow, the wind seems to have calmed down.

The snow is falling and most of the shops are closed


This is the sidewalk in front of the liquor store, got to keep that clear and YES it’s open! So was the bakery, the barbershop and the grocery store. Don’t know if they stayed open. The hardware store closed at 11am.

The side street didn’t look like a plow had come down it.


This makes me cry. A new Porsche, soft top, and it’s on the road where the plow and the salt spreader are passing by. Ouch!