Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Looks like we will be relatively unscathed in terms of the amount of snow the storm dumps – Bedford is in the 4-6″ range today. Rhode Island even less, even if any, mostly high winds. My family in North Carolina is fretting – they will likely get the brunt of the snow and worse, they may get ice that will knock out power.

I’m ready – firewood in. Bread and milk, yep. In the old days of these storms, I’d be adding Head to Blockbuster on my to-do list and I’m probably the ONLY one to admit missing Blockbuster. It was more than a movie warehouse – it was where you’d meet and greet your friends and neighbors and gab about what they’ve seen to recommend.  Oh well, I’ll scroll through my cable channels for something good to watch – that is if Cablevision doesn’t go down, then I’ll have to read? Read?

As you prepare for the storm, wherever you are (hey Little Rock reader, I see you already have snow – stay safe!), here are some beyond stellar photos from SoundBeacher and CosHarbour. Sit back and enjoy.

From SoundBeacher:

Some days it’s cold and frosty at the beach
Ole’s Creek is freezing
There is ice on the pond in Binney Park
But Mother Nature is confused because the flowers are blooming.
The primrose in my garden is blooming, too
It was 60 last Sunday and the kite boarders were out flying in the high winds and warm air. 
There was a crowd of them enjoying the balmy January weather.  It was the largest number of kite boarders I’d seen at one time and its was January 10th.  Pretty funny weather we are having.
From CosHarbour
God Bless America at 7:20am
Second Avenue Subway construction and concrete delivery
Future Second Avenue subway station
10 Bond Street
Happy Friday. Don’t forget to bring your camera out if it snows and post pix here (assuming you, and I, have internet!), Bring it on.

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