I Guess There’s Little Doubt Now…

If the job is offered to me tomorrow, I’ll say yes to the dress.

I can’t do this much anymore!

FREAKING OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

13 thoughts on “I Guess There’s Little Doubt Now…

  1. Every time there was a market crash my husband said to me ” don’t worry, we’re in this for the long haul”. Now that we’re over 70, there’s no long left in that haul. 😳😁

  2. John said this is a perfect time to retire from the stress of bring in private equity for his entire career. I said “oh really, Show me the money”! I’m nervous.

  3. I laughed at Old Timer’s comment, then I cried. We’re in the same boat and its sinking. My wife wants to go back to work like you are EOS. Lots of nervous retirees in Florida who are thinking Fonzi may have a good idea in reverse mortgage ads.

  4. I STILL don’t understand what’s driving this decline. I don’t buy the China contagion angle. I don’t buy the oil contagion angle. I can’t ‘splain Europe (quell mess). The only thing that makes sense to me is that the US stock market run-up had very little to do with the merits, and much to do with the fact that money has to go somewhere, and now we have a contagion of awareness that “the emperor has no clothes.”

    Smart people, give me a clue!

    1. What’s driving it is the natural and inevitable results of seven years of staggering incompetence by the SCoaMF and his equally untalented team.

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