The Luvvvvv Shack

After days upon days of searching online for a place we can vacation this winter without breaking what’s left of our dwindling bank account, we found just what we wanted – a small yet nicely furnished 2 bedroom bungalow someplace in the Caribbean. You knowing the actual destination will have to wait until we get there. Sorry, but there has to be some hook for still reading the blog.


We thought our criteria seemed reasonable …….

  • Ocean View
  • Pool
  • Internet
  • Walk to Beach
  • Private
  • Maid service
  • Affordable!!

….until we started looking.

We used as our search parameters minimum 1-maximum 2 bedrooms and that eliminated 90% of the homes. It gave us several condo options and we debated about one in Barbados, but (a) it wasn’t available until mid-March and (b) it didn’t give us the privacy we wanted and (c) it was a full $1500 more for the eleven days.

We also wanted to be able to fly non-stop to the island we ended up on and that was a bigger hurdle than I thought. Many flights to Caribbean islands go through Miami. No thank you. We also wanted to eliminate flying United since its NYC hub is now Newark – a PAIN for Bedford residents.

What we settled on looks idyllic – true indoor-outdoor living… and talk about an open concept floor plan! But all the modern amenities – from TV, a full kitchen, and wi-fi. The owner is even throwing in a car for us to use for the whole time.


The downside of choosing a villa and not staying at a hotel is that it means one of us has to cook. Hmmm, I wonder who that will be. Trying desperately to be frugal, we will likely grocery shop and cook the majority of the time, venturing out for some meals, but mostly using the BBQ and buying fresh fish every day.

Of course, the upside to staying in a private home is that we will eat less, far less than being on a hotel meal plan when you think gee, I’ve paid for this, I might as well have a dessert and another drink. 


We’re psyched. Truly ready for some fun in the sun. A pile of good books, rum, and thou. And what with the snow today, we’re even more ready. Yippee.

13 thoughts on “The Luvvvvv Shack

  1. Can I sneak into your suitcase to come along. That looks so beautiful! An island vacation sounds so lovely right about now. Can’t wait to travel with you… a least via the blog
    ps: it looks really large for just the 2 of you.

    1. It’s really not big at all. The upstairs is singularly the master bedroom, bath, and porch. Downstairs is a small second bedroom and bath which we told the owner he could lock since we don’t need it. The rest is open kitchen and living room and lots of outside space. We would have gone smaller had we found something suitable but one bedroom bungalows are rare.

  2. Winter showed up here overnight and already I’m tired of it. Lucky you to have found a beautiful place to which to escape. Looks Ideal. We simply complain about the weather and vow to go someplace- next year.

    1. Believe me, we thought long and hard about going anywhere this year. We’re nervous about the economy and figured we should pass in 2016. But I was sure I could find someplace that was in our financial comfort zone, $1.00! It required days of sleuthing on rental websites. One, Villas of Distinction, gets an F from us. We called about one property and the agent says it was fully rented. Rather than continuing the conversation and offering other options or asking us questions, she was done with me. She was cold, unhelpful, and probably decided she wouldn’t get much commission out of us, looking for someplace small and cheap. Oh well, her loss.

  3. Having use of the car is really fantastic. Do they drive on the “wrong side” on your island? Drop me a line you you need someone to take over the cooking/bartending and driving responsibilies🌞

    1. Coinky dinky: I put seeing this movie on my calendar today only to learn the theater I always go to CLOSED yesterday and is being scrapped and replaced with an Audi dealer. Sheesh.

  4. Do any of you Noo Yawkers remember “the San Juan Cannonball”? I forget the airline, but it was a huge plane that left JFK at around midnight on Saturday nights. Its purpose was to be in position at the San Juan airport on Sunday to bring back a bunch of U.S. tourists at the end of their Caribbean vacation week. So, rather than fly down empty, it offered really big discounts, and even bigger discounts at really short notice … and the passengers were a really lively mix, to put it politely.

    I’m not remotely up-to-date on direct flights from NY to other Caribbean islands … give us a clue or two!

    1. I do NOT remember that flight and you’d think I would since my entire lifetime I’ve traveled to just about every Caribbean island there is, with several scary flights into landing strips that were basically dirt or dead ended (pardon the pun) into a mountain or the ocean. Back in the 60s, we almost always flew through PR, and in those days when you landed, there were free rum punch drinks, and they didn’t care your age. Unfortunately my parents did care. Drat.

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