Yikes. My Car Was Stolen!


Well, not really but I had the wildest long-lasting dream last night that it was stolen.

I moved to Palm Springs, didn’t know a soul, found an apartment in a building that looked like a motel where right out the front door was a continuous walkway where other tenants had to walk by to get to their rooms.

I met one of the tenants on the first day who set off some red flags to me. She seemed angry and was shouting a lot to some guy on the floor below us.

I remember getting to my car (which in my dream was a Suburban) to go look for a job and when I turned around, the woman, her guy friend, and two others, just got in my car and told me I was going to take them to school (which was college I think).

They seemed nice at this point in the dream and I thought it made sense to take perfect strangers in my car.

As we got to the college campus, I could see coeds jumping out of their windows in some sort of hazing ritual (they didn’t seem afraid to be jumping, quite the contrary, they were all laughing and smiling). That’s when things for me started to go wrong.

I was running late for my job interview, it was raining heavily, I didn’t know my way around town, and worse, the woman in my car had Bantu hair knots and was trying to undo them, refusing to get out of the car until she was done.

I guess this is where things went wrong. I got thrown out of the car, without my pocketbook or phone and wandered, lost, through construction sites, under i-beams, and around stacks of lumber. I kept asking the men working on the buildings how I could find my car but no one answered me. They were building a car dealership and I saw a ton of new cars in the back lot and thought I would be okay to buy one, even though I had no wallet.

Someone finally stopped me and asked me if I was alright. I must have looked dazed and confused. They called the police who went on the hunt for my Suburban and the woman who stole it.

Then I woke up.

Calling Dr. Freud, come in please. Or maybe not!


6 thoughts on “Yikes. My Car Was Stolen!

  1. Any chance you’ve seen some apocalyptic / dystopian stuff at the movies or on TV lately? It could “flavor” your dreams. Apart from that, the aspect of you going for a job interview seems to dovetail with your actual interest in a job. The construction site / stacks of lumber might dovetail with your life in 2015, perhaps? The tropical setting might have to do with your upcoming vacation plans. I could go on, and on, as if this were a college English class analytical paper about a novel, but I’m just riffing off things you’ve discussed in your blog, not going for DHM (aka Deep Hidden Meaning). 🤓

    1. Thank you doctor LRer. What do I owe you for your spot-on analysis? No to seeing dystopian stuff on TV but yes to all the other things – worrying about the construction, job interviews and job actuality, and the vacation – if I now work, do I ask for two weeks off before I’m hired and sound like a spoiled millennial?

      1. Well, I haven’t worked for 20+ years, but I did have 6 jobs over a period of 15 years, with two changes hunted down as the result of layoffs, so a lot of this sort of stuff is burned into my brain.

        If you need these particular two weeks off prior to starting a job, I suggest you have a “start date” fixed in your brain before any conversations / interviews, so you can respond easily to Qs about when you can start. (Actually, that’s a good idea anyway.)

        If there is a specific two weeks in the future that you already know you need to carve out, I would suggest you say it straight up and give a reason, as in “I will need to be gone the last two weeks in July because …,” AND say you know that’s an unusual request for a newbie and therefore you are willing to not be paid for that time. (Semantics Dept: “I need to be gone” sounds a lot better than “I need time off.” Extra points if you can honestly work in the phrase “I’ve made a commitment to ….”).

        If you just want to reserve the right to take off two weeks at some unspecified future date of your own choosing, you ARE a millennial! 😜

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