Pacing. Fretting. Pacing. Worrying.

keep calm

My mother and I have quite an established routine in the morning. I call her at the commercial break of the 7:30am hour of Morning Joe. We talk about politics and with last night’s debate, we had lots to say. But at 7:30 this morning her phone went to message. I left her a message and said “call me back”.

That’s happened before and I’ve always told her if you are in the tub and the phone rings, do not get up and get it. But she didn’t call back.

About a half hour later I called and the phone was busy and it’s been busy now for an hour. I decided it was time to call the front desk of the senior community she lives in (my mom lives independently in a cottage) and ask that they go over and check on her and call me back.

Now I’m waiting. Pacing. Fretting. Waiting. It’s horrible to wait.

UPDATE- 9:52: She’s fine!!! She just called me after the staff tracked her down. She said she didn’t hear my message then a friend called her and gabbed way too long and she couldn’t get her to stop talking then she had to dash to exercise class and even couldn’t talk to me long as she said she was dashing to a hair appointment then she had to substitute playing bridge then chorus practice then dinner. No dust bunnies ever under her feet. Phew!

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