Miss Chanandeler Bong Says No!

The market may be crashing but more devastating news was just announced – that Matthew Perry, the actor who played Chandler Bing in Friends, will NOT be participating in the Friends reunion in February. The reunion is under the aegis of an NBC tribute to Friends’ director James Burrows and very quickly got every Friends fan exciting about seeing the whole cast, then this. I don’t think I can take this kind of news.


IMHO, Perry is the most handsome one of the bunch, he’s gotten more handsome as he gets older (and stays sober too). He’s had a tough time of TV since Friends ended – a few shoes that have been cancelled quickly, but the article says the reason he won’t be at the reunion is it’s a conflict with rehearsals for a play he’s in.

What episode of Friends is the title of this blog post from?

First prize, my oil reserves. 🙂

Enjoy a montage of Chandler moments.

11 thoughts on “Miss Chanandeler Bong Says No!

  1. Tough one. Same episode where we find that Chandler’s father’s all male burlesque is called ________.

    Btw, Matt LeBlanc isn’t too shabby either (and he doesn’t have Chandler’s annoying voice):

    1. chris chris chris. Little known fact. I am THE Friends Trivia Champ of all time. I doubt there’s any question you could throw at me I wouldn’t know. Could I BE any more pathetic? #needtogetalife #didshejustadmitthat

      Answer: Viva Las Gaygas

      BTW, that quiz lighting round episode ranks in my top five.

      Shhhhh, I have the boxed set of all ten years of Friends. One of the best ensemble casts ever.

      Matt has improved with age too but Matthew P still steals my heart.

      Can you guess my all time favorite Friends episode? Hint: it’s a two-parter

      A word I throw out at random when we’re moving furniture at home is PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT. Ya gotta know your Ross to get that one.

      Try and stump me, I dare you.

  2. I’ll guess the lamaze class one with Carol and Susan.
    Your warning was enough to not even try to stump you, but, what actress was signed up for multiple episodes and was fired because Jennifer Aniston hates her guts?

    1. My favorite two parter is when they go back in time. Chandler writes for a comic book. Joey is really famous and rich. Phoebe is a stock broker and Monica is still fat.

      Yikes, you stumped me. I have no idea. Give me a hint. Did the actress do at least one episode before getting canned? That’ll help me.

      1. It’s the one that’s a two-parter also involving Ross. Honestly, it’s hard to tell what happened, because they seem to be best of friends today – maybe just malicious rumor?

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