The Speech. The Response. 12:52. 2:27. 3:55. 5:07. And this..


Yes, I watched the entire Obama speech. BORING, with predictable jabs at his opponents.

Watched and LOVED Gov. Nikki Haley’s GOP response, even though she called out Trump. Not sure how I feel about that.

The rest of the night I kept waking up, looking a the clock, hearing the high winds outside, worried about a big tree falling, and finally up at 5:07 to start taking out the trash.

The shredder bin was full and I was sure I had the bin completely inside the large black trash bag. Guess not. Shreds of paper all over the kitchen floor was NOT how I wanted to start the day. All this in pre-coffee mode too.

I’m happy to talk about the SOTU speech here, and the GOP response.

Time Magazine had the only real journalist scoop of the night by telling its Twitter feed readers where Michelle Obama bought her dress. Sigh.


Coffee. Need coffee. Have a good Wednesday and get your PB ticket.

8 thoughts on “The Speech. The Response. 12:52. 2:27. 3:55. 5:07. And this..

  1. The SOTU was a campaign speech, plain and simply. He lobbied for his legacy and did what he does best – throw farts at the R’s.

    Not once did he thank the American public for electing him twice. Never did he say what an honor it was to serve. His speech proved my point that the presidency for Obama is all about him – not the nation.

    I was revolted to see the CAIR leaders stand and applaud when Obama praised Islam. Two Supreme Court justices hugged the president.

    Good riddance.

  2. I didn’t watch but my husband did. Leave it to the Brit to be more involved than me, the American. He echoes Anonymous above, telling me he thought the speech was pure politics – all the division Obama loves to stir and no bringing sides together. John noticed too how ungrateful he seemed – no thanks to Michelle, no thank you to anyone.

    I saw snippets of Nikki Haley’s speech this morning and I thought it was good but struck the wrong chord in further dividing the Republicans, which is just what the Dems want.

    Michelle got some flack on social media this morning re her dress costing $2k but the color suited her. The whole bare arms ego trip is a bit annoying.

    The wind kept me awake too.

  3. Malloy got me all riled. He’s a total suck-up to both Barack and Michelle. Someone here in an earlier post surmised Malloy is job hunting in the Obama post WH years.

    I saw this about Malloy this morning. Of all the nerve.

    Malloy: I don’t think the Republican candidates like America. (cue audible “arf” from other panelist on @msnbc)

  4. I watched a few DVR’ed “American Pickers” episodes instead of listening to Obozo shovel his alleged “legacy” ever deeper. The mere sound of his voice has the same effect on me as inhaling several pounds of stewed prunes.

    1. You seem to be in the majority Cobra. Even many in my political family opted out, except of course, my mom, who watched it all, the response too. She’s a trooper.

      I have to confess to flipping to HGTV for Fixer Upper when I couldn’t take another second of his condescending tone.

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