Because Biden Tells Us This Is What Ordinary Nations Would Do



And is Kerry’s definition of taking good care.

I don’t know about you, but something stinks here with this story and I am sure we aren’t getting the truth from Kerry or Biden. Obama didn’t even mention it last night.

Ten more Gitmo detainees are being released tomorrow. This week Iran gets their own USA winning PowerBall ticket, with no taxes to pay.

I’m downright disgusted.

10 thoughts on “Because Biden Tells Us This Is What Ordinary Nations Would Do

  1. Driving any kind of warship into someone’s legitimate territorial waters without permission (even in the event of a malfunction) is a big deal. Depending on the circumstances, I could see bringing the boats/crews to shore until they were able to leave as a reasonable choice. And an apology for the transgression is par for the course in this kind of situation. Pretend these were Cuban Navy PBRs doing training exercises close to Florida and my guess is that the same scenario would have played out.

    1. If Cuban Navy PBRs wandered into our territorial waters, Obozo would likely serve them copious orders of Arroz con Pollo, hand over several signed copies of “Dreams from My Father,” and a few thousand in food stamps to spend on their next visit to Florida. He’d also ask if they’d like another Hellfire missile to make a matched pair for Fidel to fondle. He’d then order the White House Marine Band to play one of his personal favorites, “El Himno de Bayamo,” as the Navy smilingly escorted the Cubans out of our waters.

    2. why would the Navy report both ships lost GPS capability? to cover our butts for actually crossing into enemy territory?

    3. Q: The Navy captain who apologized on air. Was he coerced? I’m listening to a former Navy commander on CNN that it was a mistake for the captain to apologize, that they are trained to give only name rank and serial number.

  2. Quote from Fox reporter Mary Katherine Hamm:
    The President is very disappointed in us for not fulfilling the promises of his ‘08 speeches.

    She nailed it.

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