This is Too Easy

Go for it.


I can’t decide if I will even watch. I know I should but I am so tired of Obama scolding me like a three-year old, sending me to the corner to wear a dunce cap because he truly believes his opponents are the enemy- the only enemy.

Obama is a petulant man, never able to learn to deal with his opposition, never once able to sit down with the Republicans to hammer out a deal. He prefers to point the finger of blame.

I have no reason to believe that tonight’s last (hooray!!) SOTU will be anything but further reprimanding and undressing.

However, I may watch because I DO want to hear the GOP response by Nikki Haley. I expect good things from her.

21 thoughts on “This is Too Easy

  1. ..makes me feel giddy. I can’t stand Obama. As you said, he’s petulant, a bully who, expects everyone to love him and his ideas.

    The bigger show is in FLOTUS’s box. CAIR will be representin’ – two of their members. A Syrian refugee (although no mention that it was a Syrian refugee who just blasted up Istanbul last night), and an empty chair for the victims of gun violence. I’m sure there will be a few gays and transdgenders. No police officers.

  2. …makes me feel elated.

    Obama is a dictator. He demands his “folks” agree with him.

    I’ll watch and throw Cheetos at the screen.

  3. ..makes me scared.

    “Never in our lives again will we have the chance to do as much good as we do right now,” says the pres in WH video preview of his SOTU.

    Obama is going to spend this final year transforming the country like he set out to do. Be fearful.

  4. ..makes me sad.

    Obama is a great president, stands his ground on his values and is spot-on fighting for more gun rights.

  5. I won’t watch because the man is in denial about ISIS.

    Obama: “There Are No Existential Threats” To The United States, And That Includes ISIS And “Radical Islam”

    PS: why did the blog headlines on my phone get so huge? They take up half the screen.

    1. Austin. That’s my tweaking the customization of the blog. I clicked “make headlines huge” not thinking of seeing how it looks on the phone. You are right. It’s awful. Will go back and change. Thanks for the heads up.

      Update: I’ve fixed the HUGE headline problem and it’s back to Normal size.

  6. If they appended this at the end, I might watch:

    If you play the drinking game of taking a shot every time he references himself, the end may never come.

    1. I can guarantee you this awful news has Zippy spinning because he was surely going to sing the praises of his Iran deal. Josh The Snake Oil Salesman Earnest is on Jake Tapper spinning his wheels faster than a Maserati. I just hope the Navy men are alright.

  7. Just could NOT watch. Him. Or her…. In box w/ Malloy and “empty seat.” Or any of the post-speech anal – ysis. Groan.

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