Driving Test for Women

Yesterday coming back from errands, I made a right hand turn on a green light where Route 172 meets Greenwich Road.


The opposing traffic has a left turn lane and there was a car there, making the move into the intersection to turn.

Because the light was green for me too, I pulled forward to make the right hand turn ahead of her.

She honked and waved at me, indicating she had the right of way over me, that she should go first. She was irritated that I cut her motion off.

I waved back at her, feeling I had the right of way as the traffic not cutting across.

No accident, not even near, but it got me to thinking had there been a fender bender, who would have been right???

Of course it goes without saying your allegiance is to me and me only and I’m always right, but I will forgive you if you feel the other car was correct to honk at me.

15 thoughts on “Driving Test for Women

  1. You were right. She wasn’t. What if you hadn’t turned and continued straight ahead? She still would have had to wait for you. Or, hit you. Out of curiosity, did she have her directional signal on?

    1. You may continue commenting here! πŸ™‚

      I don’t believe she had her turn signal on but in her defense, she was in the left turn only lane. While I always use my turn signal, even when in a lane that defaults a turn, I don’t believe one is required to use a signal in that case.

      1. Coming from the opposite direction you would be unable to see whether she had a green arrow or even if one existed. I think she should have signaled her intent to turn left.
        It isn’t a woman driver issue at all. Lousy, rude, impatient drivers come in all kinds.

  2. Like you, I’m always right 2.
    Common Sense Rule: always yield to oncoming traffic….regardless of anything
    The only time she would have the right of way is if she had a green arrow and you had a red light.

    1. Isn’t it swell to always be right?

      This particular light is a problem for what problem you cited. People often turn right there on red, after looking but not really stopping. It’s hard to know when the green arrow begins because that arrow has a lag time. It doesn’t go green right away so often right turners jump the gun trying to get ahead of the left turner. Especially if it’s a truck or school bus.

  3. Sucking up further, these navigation situations require one vehicle to self-identify as the “hold steady” vessel, and the other to choose, or be forced to choose, the “give way” option.

    It seems obvious that the stop-bar left turn vehicle would be the latter, while the moving right turn vehicle should not stop, which would interfere with the flow of green light through traffic, risking a rear-end collision, pushing you into the left-turn crossing vehicle.

    There are alternate methods around the world. For example, in Bolivia, the first vehicle to honk is the privileged “hold steady” party.

    1. Welll, that’s deep. And true. I am a geek driver who always uses a turn signal even when no one is behind me. I use my side and rear view mirrors. I do speed though.

  4. You were right. The person making a right hand turn goes before the one making a left hand turn, always, except when the right hand turn is a right on red. That’s what I learned but now I’m thinking very seriously about Anonymous @11:34’s comment πŸ™‚

  5. Given that you both had ordinary green lights — no green or red arrows involved — you definitely had right of way. Only explanation I can conjure up for the other driver is she thought that you, the oncoming car, had a red light, and you were being one of those cavalier right-turn-on-red types.

    Driving around in this part of the country definitely requires keeping your senses sharp. Red light running is so flagrant it’s entertaining. Nobody ever replaces a burned out Liddy light, so driving at night and knowing when a car ahead of you is braking can be a challenge. Overall, I think for every bad driver who’s rude or overly aggressive there are two who are just plain oblivious.

    1. That’s definitely a possibility given there is a delay. It’s a common occurrence at this light, the same scenario as mine, the person turning right wants to go right away without thinking of the person with the arrow.
      I’ll bite: what’s a Liddy light??

      1. The upper brake light usually at the back of the rear window. Put into law when Elizabeth Dole was Transportation Secretary for Reagan. She was “Liddy” before she became “Libby”

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