A Music Career Reduced to 140 Characters and a Twibbon


You all know by now that David Bowie died last night of cancer and tributes are pouring in, sadly most are on Twitter. I honestly can’t think of a worse way to be remembered than Trending on Twitter. Unless it’s a RIP Bowie Twibbon that you can affix to your own Twitter profile, just like the real David Bowie. No, I’m NOT kidding.

Now, I ask you, how is putting a Bowie trademark lightning zap on my face “support” David Bowie? Really? And who ever started this campaign has Rip, not RIP so it looks like it says “rip” as in tear Bowie and not Rest in Peace. What a bunch of numbskulls. As of this hour however, 7744 Twitter users have affixed the Bowie mark. I did not.


But leave it to Tweeps to shout out their sorrow – from the famous to the nobody. Kanye so far has garnered 110k retweets and 72k Likes for his tween earlier. I am sure the family is very thankful. /snark


Some people are emojifying Bowie in their tweets….this one slays me. The cute broken heart and the angel emojis add a nice touch, don’t you think? She looks young enough to have never once heard a David Bowie song so what would prompt her to send out her hashtag laden tweet? Got me.


I was never a big fan of Bowie’s music but I do like how he kept the knowledge of his cancer out of the headlines and decided to die on his own terms. For that, and the fact that he was an original – the only man to look decent in a mullet and heavy blue eye shadow.


2 thoughts on “A Music Career Reduced to 140 Characters and a Twibbon

  1. Well, just in case I needed another reason to avoid Tweetville, you’ve supplied one. Twibbons? Yuck. “Rip” instead of “RIP”? Frightening.

    Like you, I admire the way he chose to keep his health decline private.

  2. I watched that Bing Crosby biography on YouTube and they came to that time that David and Bing did that Little Drummer Boy duet. David was doing the show with Bing because David’s mother loved Bing Crosby, but, he detested the song and would not agree to sing it (I can’t find any fault there at all). The solution was for Bing to sing the song and David to provide a counterpoint with another song (or bridge) that the producers came up with.

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