EOS Weekend

Heavens, it’s been a long time coming to put together the photos both EarthImage and CosHarbour sent. Some go back as far as November. Bad me. Bad bad me.

Pouring rain here today, Donald Trump on every morning political show, Bengals fans crying over their bad behavior loss last night, Golden Globes and Downton Abbey on tonight.

Sit back and enjoy!

First up, EarthImage.

A two-hour winter walk and talk at Bylane Farm in Katonah with Bedford Audubon. A spectacular day for birding and to discuss tree bark and twigs with naturalist Tait Johansson. From December 10, 2015.

Audubon Winter Tree ID Walk - Bedford NY

Going back to our Bloody Mary bourbon education, EarthImage, from a perch in Florida, enjoyed his version in full blender mode with a lobster roll chaser. Sweet!

CosHarbour up next – a bevy of his iconic NYC architecture photos, plus an equal number of beach and rolling hill pix. Add a dash of cars, blimps, and a chopper, and you have the Full Cos Effect.

NYC: Washington Square Mews, Ten Sullivan Street, and West Broadway cast iron building

Vista to the Catskills

Florida: Sandpiper, Fun beach, Santa coming by chopper, moon over the Christmas tree, blimp over the condos, clouds over the beach, and PEEPS on the beach. 

A perfect alternative to Mr. EOS’s truck conundrum as seen in Florida by Cos: a 1948 Willy’s, three on a tree

Into the new year, the Cos Cob Harbor

And lastly, from EarthImage, Winter Solstice Latitude 28 – Summer’s a comin’

Thanks to both gentlemen for being patient. I am sure everyone will agree the photos were worth the wait.

Happy Sunday.

18 thoughts on “EOS Weekend

  1. Just to set the record straight, the Bloody Mary (w/ Absolute) and Lobster Roll re-education camp experience came at


    The Elm Street Oyster House, 11 West Elm Street, Greenwich, CT 06830
    (203) 629-5795

    As long as we’re all thinking Calendar 2017, may I suggest a reader’s sub-contest for other entries in this same category.

    Now I get to tell my bourbon joke, which evidently has yet to get a single laugh (not even in the Dad Joke division of lame humor.)

    Based on EOSr’s weird suggestion of bourbon in a Bloody Mary, I signed up for the newbie-course at Wild Turkey 101, not knowing that they even sold alcohol greater than 100 proof. (Perhaps they round-down.) I assumed the 101 was the beginner’s course.

  2. Great pix all. Love the Jeep and EI winter solstice.

    This rain has us gathered around the kitchen table playing Catan. We got hooked last year.

  3. Thanks for the photos gentlemen. It’s nice to live vicariously. Since the only thing attainable is the lobster roll at Elm Street, in town. It looks delicious. I did not win the Power Ball jackpot, again. I won’t be getting the helicopter, the home in FL, the old jeep….

  4. We had that same Direct-TV blimp over Clearwater on the West Coast, lit-up at night with a string of Christmas lights.

    The crew must have a wonderful tour route around the entire coast of Florida, which had a most successful December tourist season, due to mild weather.

  5. Rainy days in our house = cooking and eating all day. The kids wanted to make brownies. The husband made nachos for football viewing. It’ll be early to the gym for me tomorrow.

    As usual, fun to see all the photos.

  6. Great pictures – worth the wait (still feeling guilty about the $300.00 ransom, tho’).
    The West Broadway cast iron building reminded me of Gaudi which, in turn, reminded me of what you’l have in store when next you visit the Sagrada Familia:

    (the green (money?) is okay, but, still like the blue better)

      1. This light blue isn’t too bad, but that luxuriant blue of the other day was, well, luxuriant. With the layout you have (with much ‘white’ space), the white doesn’t provide enough of a clue, while the page is loading, that you’ve arrived.

        Was a truck ever purchased?

        1. You liked that darker blue??? I thought it overwhelmed the space because it is the background of everything. I don’t know if there’s a way to make the blue background just over the header, the tag line etc and leave the background of the posts white. Now that I get free and easy access to WP help, I may ask.
          What do you think of the new font?
          Truck not ordered yet. We both have a queasy feeling about 2016 economy and worry about springing for a big ticket item this month.

        2. Mmmmm… yes! That blue. And yes, I agree it is a bit overwhelming (drowns out links, “cancel” boxes, etc.) but , it is such a statement. Is there any middle ground? If you want to go back to the pastel blue, I won’t complain. The font? It’s okay… I am more of a sans serif, helvetica kinda guy, but, I know that’s pretty boring (and antiseptic). I do miss the fabulousness of the old ampersand: &

        3. The tough part of finding the right blue is that there isn’t a wheel from which to shoose – WP offers up what they call palettes and I can drag and drop colors I want into my own theme. There are shades of gray-blue to blue blue that means sitting for a long time trying one or another. Mind numbing stupid.
          The old font was tough to read (I thought) and that fabilous ampersand was pretty but when a sentence was italicized, many said the words were almost unreadable. I’m totally a serif gal so just saying upfront, don’t hold your breath for a sans serif font.

        4. I know what you mean. When I used to have to use a windows computer, I was always changing colors and schemes, trying to find “the” one. With Apple, the choices are limited, which is a good thing, so there is more time to make annoying blog comments.

          Thanks for trying the sans serif, but, I am not convinced it’s you. Anything, font-wise, you choose is fine by me (except Comic Sans, of course).

        5. What’s an Apple? 🙂 We’re probably the only two people left on the earth who use PC laptops. The kids say we are old farts for not getting a macBook but I look at the price tag and the cheapskate in me says whoa, I’ll stick to my old fart Dell Inspiron with the keyboard whose letters keep disappearing.

          I haven’t spent much time looking at the fonts. What I can’t change and wish I could, is that the headline on every post is all caps. I find that hard to read and it also negates the times I want to PUT one one in caps to emphasize it.

  7. The $299 new format is absolutely worthwhile, even if nobody we know becomes an instant billionaire this week.
    My favorite feature that eosr now offers is the ability to see full size pics in a new window that opens up! Slideshow with titles☀️.
    Many thanks for internetting my dinky iPhone shots,
    Not that anyone cares, how about a RI construction shot?

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