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I’m STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL unable to insert new media in my blog post. I asked a question in a WP forum yesterday and got a whole bunch of flak back for posting it in a thread that WP thought belonged singularly to someone else. I was told I was disrespectful. Ouch.

So this morning, I posted my own new forum thread. Waiting for an answer….

I paid for a premium upgrade yesterday, January 8, which, as I understand The Premium option, includes, among other things, 10g more space for photos. As of today, 10:50am EST, I am unable to upload any photos. I am told my storage is full.

Does WP admin take a couple of business days to record my purchase and accept that I’ve paid for the option so I can continue to blog?

The request is being made for my blog

Tick tock tick tock tick tock………..In the meantime, I’m headed out for a walk with Dawg.

UPDATE: I got an email from a WO Happiness Engineer who said this:
Hi, I took a look at your site. You’re currently on the Premium plan, which allows 13GB in media uploads, but you’ve somehow got closer to 34GB. Did you want to upgrade to Business instead for unlimited space?

Hmmmm, the Business Plan is pretty costly – $299 year. I have to decide if you all are worth it! 🙂 Business
All you need to build a great website:

Chat live with a specialist, Monday to Friday between 7am and 7pm Eastern time.
Try any premium theme and change as often as you like, no extra charge.
Upload all the video and audio files you want with unlimited storage.
Including all the features of Premium:

A domain of your choice to replace your site’s default address
Custom Design to customize your site’s appearance and choose unique fonts and colors
VideoPress to embed beautiful HD video straight from your dashboard or from your mobile device
Hides all ads on your site

7 thoughts on “Not Yet!

  1. New font too?

    This is as good a time as any to not blog since most of us over the weekend have family or community obligations. I admit to looking less on Saturday and Sunday but am a pretty religious EOS lurker M-F.

  2. I don’t know about the others, but I’m worth $299 a year. However, I agree that’s a lot of money per year for things you don’t need or want. I don’t see you changing your theme again, so there’s money you don’t need to spend on the Business plan. And for the most part, I don’t know you to be someone who needs a regular contact with the WordPress peeps, so that’s out. Don’t you already pay for your own domain name so you don’t carry the extra address? So that’s out.

    I’ve made the decision for you. The Business Plan is not for you.

  3. $299. is a healthy chunk of change. Ask more questions. Over what period of time did your media upload get to 34GB? I don’t know anything about blogs but there must be a good work around out there.
    If you had an actual business the $299. could be considered a deductible expense. You want a job. Start a company. Sell calendars. Okay, maybe that isn’t the big bucks position you had in mind.
    Dreary, gray, blah day here but it’s on the mild side.

  4. I am not a wordpress enthusiast, we used it for the Community Answers website at one point and it drove us nuts. Do you need to store so many photos in wordpress? They take up alot of space. I am not sure if you can delete old posts, and whether you would even want to, but that might help.

    1. I actually LIKE WP. I’ve found them to be responsive and helpful and really, for all these years it’s cost me next to nothing to have them host the site and offer some support.

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