So I made the Circle of Chores today – the loop from Bedford to Mount Kisco to Bedford Hills and back. That gets me to the bank, to Town Hall, to the supermarket, to the gas station, and to the post office.

Mount Kisco’s main parking lot has eliminated putting coins in the meters AT the parking space and instead has installed Pay Stations, which they have elsewhere in town, but this one is different in that it asks you to enter your License Plate number, not the parking space number. That’s a problem for me because I LOVE to pay it forward, so if I put an hour’s worth of coins in the meter and am out in 15 or 30, I always flag a parking space seeker down and hand off the receipt. Now I can’t do that. I wonder why the change? I wasn’t doing anything illegal, or even unethical. The space was paid for, and it shouldn’t matter by whom, so I’m guessing it’s a new way they check the cars, with some scanner that looks at the plate number in the space to see if you’ve overstayed your money. In any event, I don’t like it, one bit. It takes so much fun out of surprising someone you don’t know.

Next, I had to run into Citibank to deposit a check and some cash. Mr. EOS will tell you that he’s surprised I even know what a deposit slip is, but hey, enough about me. I hand the cashier my personalized deposit slip, $350 in cash, and an endorsed check. He asks me to swipe my Citibank debit card and I asked why. He said because you are depositing cash. I said you have my personalized deposit slip, I’m depositing money, not withdrawing, and it’s a measly sum of $350, not $3,500 or $35,000.  He said that if I didn’t swipe my card, they’d have to ask me for my driver’s license and my social security number.  To deposit $350 in cash??????????????????  I asked again, why, and he said banks have to keep a trail of cash transactions. (I bank at the Bedford Village branch not Mount Kisco, so in fairness, he didn’t know me from Adam). But still, talk about Big Brother. I am sure after I challenged his decision, footage of me is on their security camera stashed away somewhere. Annoying as hell.

Then I stopped at the Town Hall Clerk’s office to get two new recycling bins. Suburban Carting has changed their service a bit and no longer will accept recycling of cans/bottles etc, put in any plastic bag, clear or blue. They want all the recycling just thrown into the blue bin. That presents a problem I think for those of us who might want to haul the trash out the night before. I can just see crows swooping down or other vermin sleuthing around. It’s logically easier for the trash people to have the recyclable cans and bottles tossed just in the bin but I still have to put it in plastic bags in the kitchen, so I get to be the one who takes the extra step. Wasteful of the plastic bags, which are recyclable (irony?!) but I’m not going to toss cans and bottles straight into the kitchen trash can without a bag liner.

In-between a couple of route stops, I was behind TWO oblivious texting drivers today  – two different people stopped at red lights, both checking their phones, not seeing the light turned green. It’s difficult to honk gently, like toot toot, look up idiot, and not sit on the horn like you are angry and start some kind of road rage. One guy, when I gently toot tooted barely accelerated, I think in defiance of being honked at.

I felt a little bit like this, but I waited a reasonable time, really I did.


Last, to Stop & Shop (which I’m liking but not liking – their meat department is just AWFUL!) When I went to check out, I realized I left this at home on the kitchen counter. The Stop & Shop cashier said No Tickee No Discountee. The coupons should be logged into your card so you don’t have to remember to carry them. Groan.

Lastly, a little reminder of what Mitt Romney said in 2012. Gee, are we keeping score at how many times he was right and Obama was wrong? But Obama is playing Deflect the North Korea H-Bomb game – look there are guns in America. What a swell president. NOT.

13 thoughts on “Observations

  1. Look at Bill Clinton’s North Korea stance. He got it wrong too and someone should look up Hillary’s old comments on the country as well.

  2. So much to choose from here. When you end with H-bombs, ahem, how abot mini-H-bombs tip-mounted on short range North Korean submarine rockets, what’s an inconvenient parking meter.

    Hello West Coast!

    But having just come from DMV myself, remembering (or not) one’s plate tag number once the car is parked down the street far away in the rain, is a just pain. And there’s a $100 parking summons on my desk to prove it.

    Another 2016 Peeve – Chase Bank calls/emails/txts the day before your payment is due. Wells Fargo waits until the day after, and then calls your cell phone. Nice touch. Pass Go and pay WF an extra $50.

    1. North Korea is surely playing with the USA, knowing full well our sanctions and red lines are as meaningful as dad saying “I’ll turn this car around if…” I guess the USA should have hooked up Dennis Rodman with a wire to get the real scoop on NK’s plan. I’m shocked (but not) that the USA says they were surprised NK had the capability of creating an HBomb. The Eyes Wide Shut Administration. Sheesh.
      I have a vanity plate that’s easy to remember. But ask me the plate number of Mr. EOS’s truck…I know it’s all numbers and starts with a 1, has a 3 in it, but that’s the extent of my knowledge. Agree with your assessment that most people don’t know their plate number.
      I’ve gone back to the good old paper invoices. Remember those? Like you, I got tired of the emails “your bill is ready”,” your bill is due in ten days”, “your bill is due in two days”. With the old fashioned real deal paper bill I mark on the outside of the mailing envelope what day it’s due and stack the bills in order of what’s due sooner to later.
      I only ever missed one credit card payment and when they tacked on a fee, I called. Even though it was my oversight to miss the due date, I said it was my first offense and wanted the late fee waived. Bingo. Yay me.

  3. Reminder: Wendy Sherman, the woman who negotiated North Korea’s nuclear program is the same woman who negotiated the recent Iran deal.

    That’s scarier than the bomb capabilities.

      1. She was the Undersecretary of Politics or some other lame Obama admin title but she was the lead negotiator of the US-Iran deal.

  4. I haven’t seen the new pay stations but I personally am more annoyed they want my license plate number than being asked to scan my card at Citibank. There’s no reason to enter car information at a parking meter. The space number is sufficient.

    What’s the slow cooker perking?

  5. The pay stations are state of the art and I believe are the ones that can add time with a phone text. Inputting the license plate wouldn’t bother me.

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