Nesting Mode Today

I could go and do but am opting for a day home, paying bills, doing laundry, and contemplating some slow cooker soup or stew.

I haul out the slow cooker about once a year and today is as good as any to rinse if off from the non-usage of 2015.


I have some chicken I want to use up and found a chicken chili recipe on Smitten Kitchen’s site, but think I might opt for something more in the soup or stew line, like a chicken and white bean concoction from the Test Kitchen cookbook.

Meanwhile, outside, woody woodpecker has found a different tree. He’s usually out back and now he’s right at the circle in the driveway, at my weeping cherry tree. Hey, move.


Other than the above, I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for Obama to talk down to us about gun control. Gee, I can hardly wait to be scolded.

10 thoughts on “Nesting Mode Today

  1. Obama’s scolding is impossible to watch. He’s legacy pandering today and from what I heard his executive action is all about hiring more federal employees- ATF and FBI agents. If the ones currently employed actually did their job, like properly vetting Mrs. Terrorist from San Bernadino, we’d have less need for more laws.

    1. I’ll watch for you. I’m sick listening to his pandering, and you are spot-on, that’s exactly what he’s doing.
      His first sentence was to refer to gun incidents and cited Fort Hood and San Bernadino. So terrorist acts are now the fault of gun control? Holy shimony.

  2. I’m home today doing laundry too and watching the president. What a lying sack of poo. He even pretended to cry. There’s no stooping low that he won’t do. I’m switching to House Hunters.

  3. Our phones and Internet have been down since last night. Tv, too, likely. Grrrr cable vision. I know you hate the cable company as much as me!

    Are you trying to dissuade Woody? I have one….maybe more?….doing some damage on my wood trim. Of course he choose the apex of gables on the third floor. I have no idea how to get rid of him. The internet says cover your house with net, or tin foil. Ummm, not likely. Exterminator says to wait till spring. Ever had to evict one? Speaking of spring, have you noticed all the spring trees in bloom? I must have seen 5 over the weekend.

    1. I actually love the woodpeckers and hear them all around me in the huge old trees. I figure they have a place in nature do I don’t do anything to shoo them. The bigs ones are majestic. This one was on the small side.
      I’m working hard in 2016 to cut back on my tv consumption. I often have it on just to have it on, not a good thing. There are days I’d be thrilled to have internet etc down.

      1. I wouldn’t mind him if he stayed off the house. Although, he, in combination with bronze birch borers did in my lovely birch tree. I did get a lot done today wth the Internet down. It just came back but I’m exhausted!

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