The FitBit is back on my left wrist.

The treadmill is set to as fast as my legs will go.

The Christmas and New Year’s party food gone, to the landfill in the sky.

Old Mother Hubbard’s bread box is bare.

And the fridge has had a thorough cleansing.


The bin that is full has nothing but veggies – spinach, zucchini, broccoli, carrots and celery. For breakfast, I had one egg topped with spinach.

On the upper shelves, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, yogurts, two kinds, OJ. I’m good to go.

October 2016 comes soon enough – my 50th high school reunion and I do NOT want to be that girl who USED to be so pretty and slim.


Oh, by the way, this…… 😦

16 thoughts on “Reset

  1. I’d photograph my fridge if it looked like that. It’s not nice to shame your readers into cleaning their own fridges, though. Only kidding.
    Our lottery ticket don’t work out for us. Can’t blame the lottery agent but I’ll buy Wednesday’s ticket elsewhere. Funny that I play only when the jackpot is huge when I can just as easily lose when the stakes are low.
    Bright, mostly sunny, cold. Blue jays have arrived in the back yard. Watching tennis from Australia on tv and thinking about cleaning the fridge…..

    1. Correction – our lottery tickets don’t work out for us. I hate it when subjects and verbs don’t agree.

    2. Actually the fridge isn’t really clean. It needs a complete scrubbing front to back and top to bottom. Spilled eggnog and stuck on Brie aren’t visible in the photo but are there. It’s empty but that’s the extent of the cleansing. 🙂
      As for the lottery ticket, I’m horribly superstitious. I buy them only at one place in Bedford, sure the day I don’t someone will win it from there. Talk about stupidity. But hey, pipe dreams are okay. Next week the jackpot is upwards of $400m. I could do that.

      Watching the Giants here, for what that’s worth. Not a lot. They just announced Coughlin’s job is on the line. No surprise.

  2. Way to go. I just got back from California to an empty fridge and made the mistake of grocery shopping when hungry. I came home with things I don’t even usually eat but craved, like a box of Entemann’s chocolate donuts. I live alone. 😁😳
    Keep up the good cleansing work. And happy 2016.

    1. Welcome back to the right coast. Totally agree that grocery shopping when hungry is never a good idea. I’ve come home with a box of Mallomars once or twice. 😁

  3. No lottery luck here either. I only buy a single ticket at various Indian managed news/magazine stores and often witness older people dropping $50+ on tickets. 400 million might be too much pour moi.
    10 to 40 would do!

    1. At most I buy two tickets. Never more. Like what’s the point? The odds are so astronomical against winning.
      $400 is not $400 after Uncle Sam takes his bite. It’s really more like $100. I wouldn’t balk. $10-40 range is also doable but if I won more, I’d secretly take care of people’s bills. I’d be The Debt Fairy. Rather than giving people a wad of cash, I’d pay off all their bills, mortgage too, then let them start anew.

  4. At a NYE party we had the pleasure of attending, one of the guest gave out PowerBall tickets, bought in Jersey. Ours wasn’t a winner. It was a thoughtful party favor. Now, we’ll have to buy our own. My fridge NEVER looks that empty! Get ready for some cold weather….

    1. Santa puts lottery tickets in everyone’s stocking and they tend to be a gyp gift because no one ever wins a thing. I may have to write Santa and suggest he come up with a better gift!

      We use FlightStats as often as FlightAware. The first one is a little more user friendly but FA shows all the planes in the air and you can tap the plane icon to see what fought it is. It’s especially handy for us, when a landing plane is too low.

  5. Go EOSr. You can do it! If I may suggest, a cheat meal or treat once a week works well for some people. Happy New Year!

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