I Guess There’s No Such Thing as Planepooling! 

Today’s THE day for all the private jets to wend their way back home after going far afield carrying the post-Christmas sunseekers and skiers.

FlightAware is always fun to look at, see what planes are landing and taking off.

I couldn’t help but be amused at the thought of these four private jets queued up in Anguilla, one after another, all coming to HPN in a span of a couple of hours of each other. I wonder how many owners are on the carbon footprint bandwagon?

There’s one plane that’s listed as “delayed”. With the temps in the 80s in Anguilla, I’m guessing the only delay is the family wishing to take a final swim. Lucky!

Of course, had I the funds to travel private, I probably wouldn’t ask the people in the lowly G4 parked next to my honking big G5 if they wanted to hop aboard to save the environment. Hey, no sour grapes. If you got it, go for it.

Is there tarmac etiquette when two or more parties are boarding planes next to each other? Is it a nod? A wave? Inquiring poor minds want to know.

5 thoughts on “I Guess There’s No Such Thing as Planepooling! 

  1. This is such a great link, I’m saving it for when I have to track a family or friends flight! We always learn SO much for you EOS. Looking forward to more lessons in 2016.

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