First Pet Peeve of 2016

The person/company that doesn’t call back when they’ve said they will. 


After Christmas we cleared out a storage room where we housed some furniture during the renovation. I’d actually forgotten what was in there, expecting to see a room full to the brim, but darn if it didn’t house just three pieces of furniture that I don’t use anyway, and don’t even want anymore. And I’d been paying dearly for the privilege. Storage rooms are a huge rip-off.

ANYWAY, I digress. We made two trips in the truck to get the two sofas and one wing-back chair home, the last piece on the morning of the 30th, getting there as the place opened, only to learn that the hours listed on the website have no relationship to their actual hours of operation. We got there at 8. They don’t open til 9:30’ish, and by ‘ish I mean the 20-something guy who runs the place showed up when it was convenient for HIM, and not when the place was scheduled to be opened.

Once our room was empty, I had to take care of the paperwork of closing the unit. I had pre-paid several months, easier for me than thinking of a monthly auto-debit, therefore I was due a credit.

One giffrone in the office. Two people waiting to rent a U-Haul van. One other pacing, looking to buy some moving supplies. And me.

I got my turn after waiting for all the U-Haul rental paperwork (tedious), told the guy I was done with the room, had taken photos of the empty and clean room, and was ready for a credit.

Um, sorry ma’am, I don’t know how to do that. The manager isn’t here today. 


He added: the manger MIGHT be in today, but I’m not sure. I’ll have him call you. 

Ha ha ha. That didn’t happen the rest of the day on the 30th. That didn’t happen at any time on the 31st. We know they are closed today. They are always closed on Sundays. Saturday is probably third tier help. That leaves ME to call or go there Monday to follow up.

That’s my very round-about way of getting to the actual point of this blog post. Took me long enough didn’t it? So few people ever call back when they say they will.

While you are here, it’s come to my attention that Pet Peeve Number TWO of 2016 has JUST happened.

The person to have the final piece of banana bread but who doesn’t put the pan and knife into the sink. 🙂


PS: Go Iowa!!


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  1. Top tip: For pet peeve #2, add zing to your social media efforts with an instructional video that provides a helpful guide to correcting the undesirable behavior. Like this:

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