2015: Year in Review


2015 was a good year, lots of fun travel especially, but mostly it was all about construction. Bedford Contractors we’d not like to do business with again. Bills we are glad are over with. Town assessor here within a week of work finished (can you say vultures?). Rhode Island Carriage House – shingles and the cupola.

January brought about the news that my old friend Heather Cook was arrested (and convicted) of vehicular manslaughter and is now in jail for seven years (not as much time as I think she deserved).

February brought some pleasant diversion from the snow and construction mayhem.


March was a lot about me. Trying to define myself.

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Dawg always plays a big role here at EOSredux. She’s such a huge part of our life.


There was North Carolina and Iowa, Philly, Newport, and the Vineyard –

Butterflies, bees, and flowers.

Light fixtures and Carriage House shingles

Washing machine and a Fitbit

Entitled double-parking Bedford moms


And what would this blog be without good old Obama snark????

Of course, this blogger would be remiss without thanking my amazing guest photographers – Earth Image, Swanton, CosHarbour, Sound Beacher, Regular Little Rock Reader, Mrs. IDAHO’s daughter – who am I forgetting? I love that you send me photos and hope you understand when I don’t get around to posting them (yes, EI and CH, I have your photos, lots of them – sorry), you understand that I’ll get to them when time suits.

There was much more but I think I covered the highlights (or lowlights, depending on if you like the blog or not).

Here’s to a Republican winning the Presidential race in 2016. I’m betting it is Trump.

HAPPY 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12 thoughts on “2015: Year in Review

  1. You had me worried that a bad shrimp put you out of commission. All the while you were putting together a great recap of 2015. It’s much appreciated.

    Happy New Year, Everyone.

  2. Happy New Year Mr. And Mrs. EOSR. Thank you for your sometimes funny, sometimes sweet, sometimes snarky, always entertaining blog.

  3. Happy New Year! To you, EOSr, and the entire family of faithful readers and contributors. Your year in review mainly served as a reminder of how quickly it all went.

  4. Happy 2016 from Wyoming. We’re out in Jackson, loving the skiing and looking for homes to buy. After our summer western adventure, John swore he’d quit his stressful job and move us all out west. I thought he was kidding. Apparently not.

    Loved the review of the blog year. I stop by every day. Don’t forget to add your mom’s 97th birthday celebration. That’s quite an event.

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