Leftovers with an Extra Somethin’ Somethin’

The last of the paella was dished out today before the rice turned to stone and as Mr. EOS got close to the bottom of the bowl, he paused and said what’s this?


Gasp, yes, that’s a finely cooked stinkbug! Ewwwwww.

Consider lunch done, and in the trash. PB&J never sounded so good.



5 thoughts on “Leftovers with an Extra Somethin’ Somethin’

  1. The paella was your Christmas Eve dinner, yes? May I suggest, in the interest of assisting you in avoiding stomach distress, leftovers should not be kept more than 4 days MAX. Especially seafood, chicken and beef. By my count lunch today was 5 1/2 days after you made it. PS bugs are excellent protein.

    1. Yes, I know that but in cleaning out the post-Christmas fridge today for the trash tomorrow, Mr. EOS thought he’d have a bowlful before it ends up in the landfill. I didn’t partake. He has an iron stomach so I think he’ll avoid stomach distress. Fingers crossed!!!

    2. Leftovers good for 4 days max? Okay, boy in the bubble. You must be one of those people who uses detergent to wash your vegetables. Bacteria is your friend.

      1. Nah, I never wash a thing, let alone use detergent. I have an amazing immune system. The only reason the paella has a short shelf life is all the shrimp in it, that after x#/days, it stinks the whole fridge. ALL the uneaten leftovers are going out today, shelf life or not.

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