Kiss My Bass

Rhode Island caught. Quick frozen to bring to New York. It’s what’s for dinner.

Add spinach sauteed in garlic and we’ll be kicking up our Vitamin K and Potassium intake big time. Mmmmmmm.


8 thoughts on “Kiss My Bass

  1. Oh, wow! Now that’s a good lookin’ piece of fish. I bet you know who caught it, too. Does that mean instead of seven fishes on Thursday night, there will be only six?

    It’s going to be so mild on Friday that I may cook the rib roast outside on the Weber. By my edict, the menu varies little each December 25. There’s always beef- prime rib, rib roast or sirloin strip roast- lyonnaise potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and a chocolate cake, most often a buche de Noel but some years it’s a sour cream chocolate cake with mocha frosting. Appetizers sauces and sides vary but I’m partial to anything with Stilton.

    1. Fish sounds great! Counting down to Florida…

      Our Christmas menu is similar. Always standing rib roast. Always Yorkshire pudding. Always chocolate dessert….pot de creme…last year was chocolate creme brûlée…thinking fallen chocolate soufflé for this year. Love pear, walnut and Stilton salad. Merry merry!

      1. Fallen chocolate souffle is one of my favorites – or a bodino (sp?), a flourless choclate cake that’s all gooey on the inside.

        Safe travels to Florida Martha and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    2. Your menu……oh my goodness. Heavenly. And I’m not kidding. Mmmmmm.
      Our fishes will all be packed in the one paella pan. Three, last count. Shrimp. Mussels. Lobster.

      I’m trying a bunch of Martha Stewart appetizers. Making them is not my strong suit especially since my brood is happy with pigs in a blanket. They love gourmet dinners but prefer the basics when it comes to appetizers.

  2. Nice. As soon as you catch a fish such as this, be it striper, salmon, halibut or whatever, cut its gills to let it bleed. You can let it bleed out in the water. The result will be whiter, tastier fillets. Happy fishing & dining. Jack Donachy

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jack. My fisherman says its one he doesn’t know but says it makes a lot of sense. He’s been fishing the shores of RI and Martha’s Vineyard for decades so it’s fun for an old bass to learn a new trick! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by too!

      1. I’ll look for the photos… somewhere I have a visual of two rockfish fillets laid out side by side. One bled, the other not. It’s quite a contrast. We’ve most recently been fishing in Alaska – the past four years – but itching to get back east for stripers!

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