How to Know You’ve Raised a Redneck

See what was on his birthday wish list.

I’d say it’s a definite yes. And he’s a fabulous redneck too. Hard working. Funny as hell. Tells great inappropriate jokes. Hardcore conservative voter. Handsome. Smart. Best of all, a loving son.

One Christmas-week birthday down. One more to go, on Christmas Day. What was it about March lo those many years ago??? 🙂

PS: For anyone needing a last minute redneck Christmas gift, Bass Pro Shop has opened a huge store in Bridgeport, right off 95.

22 thoughts on “How to Know You’ve Raised a Redneck

    1. Never seen one in person, have you? Surprised it’s allowed on the airplane – you’d think TSA might not be too keen on a boxcutter in Row 12, Seat A, eh?

      Are you all done your Christmas shopping chris? You stay in California or travel to visit others?

      1. I wouldn’t risk it on a plane trip (at $220 for the black one at Cabela’s, I’ll keep it at home). Not all my Christmas shopping done yet – still have two more days! Usually hang out here in CA for the holidays many ‘cuz I’m lazy.

        1. Actually, no. It’s pretty but very long way to the ocean over marshes, and if you read the fine print, they’re looking for a developer. “Smaller parcels at $22million.” It’ll be a disaster area there when someone is done.

        2. Chris, I’ve shown this link to several people and have Googled it as well and I can’t find even the best MV realtors with a link to it. Seems very farquatious that the listing is with a far away agency and no one else refers to it. Plus, the land that abuts this is all Long Point preserve so the odds of any developer getting anywhere buildings houses seems remote. How did you happen on the listing?

        3. Thanks. Still odd. I’ve asked a couple of MV friends to see who owns 312 acres still and why, other than the obvious, $$$$$$$, they’d sell and let it be developed.

        1. I don’t know him but interesting Googling him. Here’s a very informative article from The Gazette in 2013, even mentioning that DeBlois created his own marketing company to sell the land, but the name of the company in this article is different than the link you sent.
          Hard to understand how someone with 31 years seasonal residency could sell it all and watch it become developed.

        2. I think he is trying different approaches to selling the property because he doesn’t want it “developed” (in the traditional sense).

        3. Not buying that notion for one second. If he didn’t want it developed, traditionally or otherwise, he would have donated 90% of it to save as preserve. That’s a whopping tax credit, right?

  1. If your redneck son is in search of female companionship, he should come down here. He’ll fit in just fine. Bonus: the rich girls’ daddies tend to belong to posh duck hunting clubs in the Stuttgart area. It seems as if a trip to Wilson Combat in Berryville would be in order as well. (It’s worth a google too.)

    1. He’s attached and she loves to shop at Bass Pro Shops too so I think he found a redneckette right here in 10506-land. Hard to believe there was one even.
      Will Google Wilson Combat later today. Finishing up polishing the silver and washing all the good crystal that gets used twice a year and otherwise collects dust and stink bugs!!!!

      1. Didn’t know you had stink bugs up north. We have them too, but they are far less of a nuisance here than the “Asian lady bugs,” which serve zero gardening purposes but instead like to nest between the exterior and interior walls on the sunny side of the house, hatching who-knows-what sinister plots and who-knows-how-many progeny. 😕

        I LOVE to set a pretty table, as you are clearly doing, and don’t mind the related labor. However, the actual cooking of the actual food? Eh, not so much.

        Anyway, have a wonderful Christmas!

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