Ford? Chevy? Dodge? 

(Oops, the darn iPhone app published this before I was done!)   

Mr. EOS is in the market for a new truck. His old Dodge arrived in New York with smoke coming out the front left wheel well, brakes he says. 

It’s had enough repairs of late that it isn’t worth sinking more money into every month. 

We’ve been to Ford. Now at Chevy. The Chevys are butt ugly, IMHO. But hey, I not the one buying. And since its 100% a work truck, he’s not looking for form as much as he is its load capacity for tools and dead fish but I drew the line at some Chevy called the Coranado (?) that looked nothing like a truck. 

We have a couple more dealers to look at. I’m lobbying for a Ford. Manly man. 

The worst part of the new search is that no one sells a standard shift anymore. It’s all Mr. EOS knows. He thinks it’s totally gay for a truck to be automatic shift, but he won’t have a choice. 

Sorry for the hanging sentence. Done now. 

24 thoughts on “Ford? Chevy? Dodge? 

  1. Someday I will have a Ford 150. That’s my pick but I know nothing about trucks :). Except that they look cool and are useful. Going now to check out Earth Image’s picks.

  2. I guess I am the regretful leasee. Toyota is laughing their heads off for $549/month.

    The alternate President’s Day lease for the Dodge Ram 1500 was $199/month. But I learned that a very short time later.

    Hint. Always car shop at the very end of the month to take advantage of the manufacturer’s quota system pressure on the dealer.

    1. This is the second Dodge for Mr. EOS. His Ram 1500 served him alright until it didn’t. He’s ready for another brand.

      The discussion we’re having is that the Ford F-150 has an aluminum body and according to our son, is cringeworthy. In accidents it causes thousands of dollars worth or repairs and insurance companies are raising rates on the aluminum body truck. The F-250 isn’t aluminum and there was one on the lot but there’s no interest in having a 250.

      One real issue is the environment of the EOS truck. Although it’s garaged at night, all day it’s outside being sprayed on by salt water. It goes on the beach. It gets used hard.

        1. Logically you’d think the extra capacity would be better but it’s not that the truck hauls tons of weight, it’s more that it is used hard to haul the basics. There may be sheets of plywood coming from Lowes but the real heavy stuff is delivered to the building site by the lumber company. Plus, the truck does webs its way to NY so it needs to get reasonable mileage for a truck.

        1. Makes sense that they would follow suit. Lighter but as I said in the copy, insurance companies hate the aluminum because when there’s an accident, there’s a lot of damage. Far more than the old bodies.

    1. That website is new to me. I’ve been moosing around it. Lots to read. The problem buying any new vehicle is for every good review there are three bad reviews. It’s hard to vet the reviewer to see if they have an agenda. Thanks for the triple links.

  3. Is this his primary mode of transport? If not, why not go retro for cheap — get an old school pickup that can be fixed at home, has a standard transmission, dings and dents won’t matter, will cost next to nothing to insure, etc. Then a more practical car for around town. Save gas mileage and increase comfort when not actually needing the utility of a truck, and avoid the poseur look of cruising around the suburbs running errands in a brand-new pickup.

    1. My suggestion to him too. He’s only ever driven trucks as his primary mode of transportation and takes great pride that the front passenger seat is where work gloves and some tools sit. His passenger seat is not really meant for taking a passenger. Same with the seats in the back of the supercab. That’s for other good stuff. My car is the default for road trips, dinners out etc. He thinks of getting a Mini Cooper for the short hops to the PO and bank but is a minimalist at heart so one man, one vehicle is his policy. Let’s just politely say that Change is not his strong suit.

  4. Forget the Mini Cooper concept. They are only for midgets and millennials!
    NTTIAWWT. Fun to rent.
    There must be a gently used or off-lease stick shift ford 150 out there.

    1. True. We have a 27-year-old Mercedes 560SL that requires a forklift for either of us to get in and out. I guess I was speaking generically in suggesting a Mini Cooper- an economical car was what I was thinking.
      We’ve gone back and forth about new versus used and new keeps winning the argument. We haven’t even looked at used. Yet. Stay tuned.

  5. One of Mr. Reader’s favorite pastimes is price discovery. (Bet you normal people didn’t know that that could be a hobby!) In our hunt for a non-enormous second-hand pick up truck, he learned that Toyota Tacomas are well-regarded and hold their value, but the BEST is the Honda Ridgeline. Alas, we couldn’t even find a second-hand Ridgeline, let alone one we wanted to buy. People keep them forever. We’ve done well with the 2006 Tacoma, however.

    Can’t help with the stick shift, ‘tho. Sorry.

    1. Aaah, price IS part of our discovery in finding a new truck. Some are astronomically expensive, and that means more than $1.50 but less than $70k.
      I’ve heard two sides of the Ridgeline reviews- yours and EarthImage mirror what I’ve heard elsewhere. The Ridgeline isn’t on Mr. EOS’s radar. We’ve been told to check out the GMC truck, very different from the Chevy. It’s raining here today so I’m not sure how much we’ll get out. I’m still cooking and polishing silver.

      RLRR, Merry Christmas. Hope your son will find his way to LR from Manhattan for a few days. Have a good holiday!

      1. He did manage to get Tues, Wed, and Thurs off, amazingly, given that he still has peon status at his new job. Merry Christmas to your crew too!

        1. That’s remarkably good news!!! I find finance peeps are often happy to work when their Jewish co-workers want off and in return often get them to work Christmas week. Win win.

  6. I had a Honda Ridgeline and sold it to Mr G of O&G Industries. It was not the best combination of purposes. Too small a bed for good hauling, too trucky for the wife, too hard to see out the back of.

    Tacoma is too small for Mr EOS projects. If Dodge is out, why post it in the title? Ford 150 is it.

    1. Quick answer why Dodge was in the headline: I was typing in the car, had only a draft in my head, but the darn thing published rather than staying a draft and I never went back to change it.

    1. We’re Mog fanciers from waaay back to our days living in the Swiss alps where Unimogs were used as the town truck- to snow plow – everything. There’s a guy here in Bedford who collects Unimog’s. They are totally cool.
      Love the linked one!!!!!!!!

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