Shoulda Measured First!


Trimmed but darn, my angel looks lost! Going to have to work on that. The tree needs to rest, the limbs need to fall a bit before we put the lights on. But overall, a great big pretty happy tree!


6 thoughts on “Shoulda Measured First!

  1. Forget the tree. Look at that beautiful floor! All kidding aside, the tree is a lovely specimen.
    I’d leave the top of the tree alone and saw off a bit from the bottom where the removal of branches will be pretty much unnoticed. I love the smell of Christmas.
    Christmas decorations in my small town are mainly window candles and any exterior lights are white including the trees on the common and in the village. Fresh wreaths are on every house, barn, garage and shed. Along the harbor is a ‘tree’ constructed of lobster pots with buoys as ornaments and capped with a 4′ star.

    1. Aaah, the smarter person would have cut some off the bottom of the tree first, and trimmed the top first, before bringing tree in. That didn’t happen so too late now to cut from bottom. Stand is full of water. We’ll play Angel on the Tree a la Elf on the Shelf this year.
      No one can see my house from the road so candles in the window get lost. That’s why I only do the outside tall tree lights. Otherwise, candles in the windows are my favorite look.

      Your tree up and decorated?? Kids home?

      1. We have a very small group this year and one breaks out in hives within 25 feet of a Christmas tree. Lots of holly, poinsettia and pine cones mixed in with some fake greens for decorations. I’m even worried about the wreaths- but not enough to remove them.

        Last year’s lush poinsettias are this year’s understated ones. On a lark, we put three of them outside in the spring and placed them in an unused room this fall. Darn if they don’t have some red leaves now. How’s that for thrift? By mid January, they ought to be gorgeous.

        1. Holly is my favorite and I used to decorate with it a lot UNTIL one very bad and snowy winter, deer ate my huge old holly bushes down to the nub. I was shocked. They must have been really hungry to go at spiky holly.

          I’ve saved poinsettia’s before – although not recently, but do know they do come back.

          We’ve had big crowds and just four of us – it never matters – it’s always still Christmas cheer. Enjoy.

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