I Have To Clean the Oven Before I Clean the Oven

My least favorite chore – cleaning a self-cleaning oven.

Look at the grime on the side walls. Yikes, woman, what DO you do all day?? So hard to access the side walls without being able to make the body go into a pike position. 

There’s very little a self-cleaning oven does well.

  1. It stinks up the house and makes the room very hot.
  2. You have to take out all the shelves and side bars
  3. It really doesn’t remove any hard baked-on grime from, oh let’s say, blueberry pie!

So I went at the oven with good old fashioned Easy Off and a Brillo pad. I have yet to take the racks outside to scrub with Brillo but will do later, or tomorrow, once the rain stops.

Speaking of outside, the other day, a GIANT Chinook-like helicopter went over the house, so low that the house shook. By the time I got the camera and got outside, he was pretty far away. Coincidentally, it was the same day I was moosing online for a drone. Hmmmmmm.


PS: I’ve decided to go with a huge pan of paella on Christmas Eve and for Christmas Day, my classic and highly acclaimed marinated butterflied leg of lamb, that, after three days marinating, I cook up on the BBQ. It is sinfully delicious, even for people who say they don’t like lamb.

Happy Thursday.

8 thoughts on “I Have To Clean the Oven Before I Clean the Oven

  1. I was going into the Bedford Village Post Office when that helicopter went over. Everyone stopped and looked up. He wasn’t in any particular hurry and he was alone.

    I’ve never used my ovens self-cleaning mode. It takes too long and really doesn’t clean. I’ve seen ads for some Amish spray that’s supposed to cut through the geese better than Easy Off but I’ve never found the product in any store and don’t want to order an unknown online.

    Your menu sounds perfect. Are you clams and mussels in your paella? Chicken too? There are a lot of recipes.

  2. I’m wondering if you tried using the Barkeeper’s Friend for this oven chore. It worked for your burned pasta pot. Maybe it has an additional use. I totally agree about self cleaning ovens. Pretty ineffective not to mention stinky.

    Love your holiday menu!!!!!

    1. The Barkeeper’s Friend will be for the oven racks and side bars. It needs to be done outside its so messy but today was too rainy.

      Glad you like the menu. The paella pan doesn’t get used very often. I’m more excited about the paella than the lamb, although the lamb is WILDLY delicious.

    1. It’s a very simple marinade that can be used for all sorts of meats – chicken, filet, but it’s especially good with lamb.

      1/2 cup Dijon mustard
      1/3 cup soy sauce
      1/2 cup vegetable oil
      1 tsp +/- thyme
      1 tsp +/- rosemary
      1-2 garlic cloves, minced

      Blend all the ingredients and pour over both sides of the meat. Marinate, covered in the fridge, for at least two days. I flip the leg of lamb every day while in the fridge.

      I cook the lamb on the BBQ but first I wipe off the excess marinade, otherwise it will burn and cause fire flareup. The butterfly leg of lamb takes a long time on the BBQ because it needs to be cooked on a medium temperature grill. I sear it first, on high, to get a good crust (that’s the best part) them turn the temp down considerably so the meat cooks. I like my lamb pink. Don’t forget mint jelly! This will become a family favorite.

      I’ve cooked this in the oven (and seared with the broiler) and it’s nowhere near as good. There’s something about the BBQ, how it sears, and how it cooks, that vastly improves the lamb.

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