Blogging Ain’t Cheap. Good Thing It’s Fun!

A whopping four email from WordPress this week notifying of me of pending doom and gloom unless I pony up. WordPress gets ya coming and going, pay for this or else, pay for that or we stick ads in. In the scope of life, it’s an inconsequential sum of money per year, but lots of inconsequentials add up to one big consequential. Add the Go Daddy registration to maintain the EOSr domain name.





I’m not sure why I see two storage space upgrade announcements – I’ll have to see what that means. I could probably save some money if I resized every photo before inserting them but it takes a good hour to create a photo-heavy blog post that taking one more step to open them in IrfanView to resize them, then save them again, well, it ain’t going to happen. So I pay for more storage.

As for ads, I read so many blogs where ads consume the site. It’s the ONE thing I’m happy to pay extra to not see.

It’s raining pretty hard. Dawg is snoring away. The oven is clean. The grocery list is made.

So that must mean it’s Lunch Time. Got soup? I’d kill to run up to Danbury for some more pho. Damn, that was really really really really good.






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