Don’t You Hate It When Prices Aren’t Listed?

Yea, I know, that means I can’t afford it, but I’d at least like to know which ballpark I’m in – Fenway or Wrigley – when contemplating a purchase.

I’m in the market for a blown glass work, as a gift, and while I don’t have a budget per se, I do not yet have that big paying job so the amount spent is of some concern.

The top two pieces are by Cathryn Schilling, from the UK whose work I like very much – the intricacies of the plaid and the standing form are intriguing. But not even a hint of price. What do you guess, $10K per? Shipping, yowsa!

The bottom two are by Sidney Hutter of Newton, MA, closer at least than flying to UK to bring home one, but he doesn’t like to share prices either. I don’t like 99% of his work anyway except the two I’ve posted, so that makes the process of elimination easier.

Come to dawn on me that we could have stopped at the Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks when there – but of course, that would have been easy. I don’t tend to do things that way. And at that time, I hadn’t even thought of blown glass as an option for the gift. Looking at their website, I’m relieved to see there isn’t anything I find extraordinary, so no need to beat myself up that I didn’t think to stop there.

Last time we were in Vail the amazing PISMO glass gallery had some of the most incredible collections of glass artisans, like Carole Perry, and even quite a few works by Dale Chihuly. It’s since closed it doors – not because it went out of business, but because the owner decided to retire. Drat.

The Carole Perry is amusing.

The Dale Chihuly says Even if you owned a Black American Express, You Can’t Afford This. 

I have an old friend, a pediatric surgeon, who has taken up glass blowing in Boston. It goes perfectly well with her skills as a surgeon, especially the attention to detail. She’s been doing it now for more than ten years, saying she’s JUST beginning to get good at the craft. So much blown glass is ugly, like it could be bought at Walmart – the good stuff is really expensive. I may have to rethink the gift. Oh to be rich enough to collect fine works of art without wincing.

It’s another gorgeous day in the neighborhood and now that the oil guys are gone, I’m outta here too for the rest of the day to gather a few more gifts for under the tree. Ho Ho Ho.

9 thoughts on “Don’t You Hate It When Prices Aren’t Listed?

  1. I like the bottom two – – but symmetry is important to me which tells you I must not be sophisticated.

    1. I’m not sophisticated either when it comes to art. It’s not that I didn’t like the bottom two, but they seemed predicable shapes – the vase, the bowl. I liked the plaid ones for their form as much as their color intrigue. (Ha, I almost sound like I know what I’m talking about. I do not).

  2. ah – I just realized it isn’t just the symmetry. The bottom two objects are useful. The top two collect dust. See, told you I am not sophisticated.

    1. Touché! I was just looking for a 2016 calendar because a blogger I know well didn’t get her act together to make another of her own work-of-art calendars. 😁

    1. Chihuly, a glass celebrity. I’d say that’s 100% accurate. The article in the first link is quite funny.
      As for Rubino’s sight, I can afford two starfish and one ornament.

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