Mrs. Claus Needs a Decoder Ring

When the kids take the time to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, most often the items on the list are self-explanatory. Not so this year.

Two points of you know what this is used for. It’s the The SYNC180  TUBE NOTCHING SYSTEM. But of course, you knew that, didn’t you?


And this. You surely know what this is too, right? Duh, it’s a power operated tool and pipe bender.


Santa said no to the drone request because who wants to be on some FAA no-fly list for owning a recreational drone? Not I.

I’s like to go back to the days when an apple and a penny in the stocking brought smiles of joy!



32 thoughts on “Mrs. Claus Needs a Decoder Ring

  1. No idea what that is for!

    My eldest, who we just told about Santa, only wants a dawn redwood sapling to plant in the yard. Now, I really want to give him this, but our property doesn’t have a space to support such a large tree. I love that he wants such a humble gift, by today’s standards anyhow. I think I’ve stalled him until his birthday in April–better time to transplant

    Now just 🙏 he doesn’t spill the beans to his little brother!

    1. Aaah, my kids scoff at humble gifts. They go straight for the big ticket items, hoping Santa had a good return on his stock portfolio. Lucky you to have raised conscientious children. The sapling is an amazing thought from someone so young. I’m duly impressed.
      As for telling your oldest about Santa, I hope by that you mean Santa is alive and well, at home in the North Pole planning his journey. We still believe. All of us.
      Merry Christmas Martha.

  2. I told him that we are the ones who choose, wrap and put the prezzies under the tree and in the stockings. Maintaining that we still believe in things we cannot see or touch (God), but can experience. We all still experience the joy and generosity of Santa, and try to keep the reason in the season. 🎅🏻

    1. Good for you to be so spiritual in the way you explained the true meaning of Christmas and what’s important. We’re not anywhere near as thoughtful.

      1. Google is my friend! He has been suspicious for a while now and he pressed it so much this year I was worried he would spoil the fun for the younger one. So I googled “how to explain Santa” and found a letter someone had wrote tha I based my letter on. So, I’m not so original, but generally well researched!

        1. He’s at that age when surely some of his friends or cousins have told him all kinds of things, including “the truth” about Santa.

          We still read Twas the Night Before Christmas and The Polar Express on Christmas Eve. Each child has the Polar Express bell. My youngest is 30. Who wants to grow up? Not us!

  3. My kids want iPhones. We’re the only parents who seem to hold off giving the phone, much to the humiliation of our children.

    1. My sister’s granddaughters are lobbying for iPhones too. City girls who tell their mother they are the ONLY TWO who don’t have a phone. I don’t envy your decision.

  4. Most importantly, did you notice the lead tinsel on the tree? I loved that stuff. Somehow we all survived handling it. We reused ours every year.

  5. I love that you still read to your adult children! My 10 year old had faded away from our evening story time, favoring reading his own chapter books. So, in an attempt to rekindle snuggle on the sofa story time I wrapped up 24 Christmas themed library books to use as our Advent count-down. (Again, not an original idea of mine. Thanks to Modern Mrs. Darcy and her blog). So far it is mostly working, and the bonus was I didn’t have to agonize over what to put in those advent calendar pockets!

    1. It’s a little tradition on Christmas Eve. No one lives at home so it’s not as if I read to them every night!

      What a fabulous Advent calendar idea. I imagine yours is Swedish, something wooden that you can use every year? We had a great Swiss made advent calendar when the kids were little with fun hand-carved creatures behind each door but still room to add a little piece of chocolate. It bit the dust during the move yo this house. Sigh.

  6. We used to have one I bought in Sweden. It was wood, in the shape of a tree with 24 little drawers. I think I was lost on our move back. The only thing I could ever find to fit in those drawers were valhrona chocolate squares. My mom gave me one from pottery barn–a felt tree with pockets. It was a little easier to fill. But, as a non-shopper, I agonized over what to put in there beyond choccies and how to get them smuggled into the house. I think I have a new tradition with the books. I will say that I miss the magic of opening one of those little fold back paper ones with a special picture in them. Problem is the boys pop them all open ahead of time!

  7. When asked what she’d like for Christmas my 5yr old granddaughter asked for a gift card to Nordstrom. No amount was specified.

        1. I didn’t think so but I thought I should ask!! How would a five-year old even know (a) about Nordstroms and (b) what a gift card is and could do? I’m stunned.

    1. Oh my. You always test my brain cells. What on earth does that Gramophone do????? And why is it called The Sinatra? I get that it’s a Bluetooth device but, here goes the dumb question, do I supply all my own Sinatra music and it plays through the hokey gramophone? I didn’t see a price tag, but I think if you’re going to ask Mrs. Claus to shop, go for something better.

      1. Basically, it’s a modern re-creation of the old gramophone speaker using wireless bluetooth (the music comes from your iPhone, iPad, etc.). “Sinatra” is a special edition, I suppose for his 100th birthday this year. You made me look for the price, so, yes, I’ll be getting it myself (maybe I should have waited until next year when Mrs Claus is cashing those ginormous paychecks).

        1. Where on earth did you find that?? I didn’t watch the junior debate but I’m at the tv watching the main event. It’ll be hard to stomach Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash. But Hugh Hewitt should be fair.

  8. What about your wish list?
    Here’s mine: an apple, a dime, relative health to everyone, and that you continue your insightful blog into 2016.
    “Everyday above the ground is a beautiful day.” Said my taxi driver to me this morning going down a sunny Broadway at 8:40am.
    Also God bless John Fountain.
    Thank God for the Donald. ha

    1. You won’t believe this Cobra but just this morning I saw an adorable ad for Petco where the child asked his parents what Santa left for their dog. Realizing they didn’t get anything, they saw a pogo stick in the corner that was to be for their son. The son took the pogo stick and while the parents were saying they needed to dash to Petco for a gift for Fido, in the background, Fido was on the pogo stick jumping all through the room. Very funny ad so quite the coinky dinky you mention pogo stick today!!!!!

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