Finally. This Deserter Will Get Some Good Old-Fashioned Army Justice!

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Crying that he was "saved" from his Afghani captors.
Crying that he was “saved” from his Afghani captors.

A top Army commander on Monday ordered that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl face a court-martial on charges of desertion and endangering troops stemming from his decision to leave his outpost in 2009, prompting a huge manhunt in the wilds of eastern Afghanistan and landing him in nearly five years of harsh Taliban captivity.

The decision by Gen. Robert B. Abrams, head of Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg, N.C., means that Sergeant Bergdahl, 29, faces a possible life sentence, a far more serious penalty than had been recommended by the Army’s own investigating officer, who had testified that a jail sentence would be “inappropriate.”

Do you think once he’s hauled off to jail, President Obama will invite Bergdahl’s parents for a repeat of the god-awful Rose Garden moment?

I’ll be front and center for the whole trial.

13 thoughts on “Finally. This Deserter Will Get Some Good Old-Fashioned Army Justice!

  1. The Obama Rose Garden moment was all Hollywood. No reality. I hope Bergdahl rots in jail, stripped of all Army benefits. He’s receiving pay now, on our nickel. That needs to stop.

  2. Bergdahl was part of a cable tv show in which he said he thought he was Jason Bourne of the Bourne movie series, alerting the enemy that his own troop was lacking in leadership. He’s a first class deserter. Agree with anon that he shouldn’t be receiving pay but unfortunately he’s presumed innocent until proven guilty.

  3. Judge Napolitano on Fox said he would bet his last dollar this will not go to a trial, that there will be a settlement. I think he’s right.

  4. Obama will pardon him along with all the jihadist at Guantanamo just before he leaves office
    That is providing he leaves office or becomes the first US dictator!

    1. A pardon presumes Bergdahl will be found guilty. More people seem to think he will take a deal and walk away, still able to take a pension somehow.

      Obama is busy planning his trip to Cuba. I’m hoping he likes it enough to retire there. The irony will be that he invests in land for hotels and golf courses and becomes a kajillionaire, all thanks to his own “brilliance” of opening up relationship with Cuba.

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