The Most Important Question I’ll Ever Ask You

How do YOU Make a Bloody Mary?

1. Tomato Juice, V8 Juice, or Clamato?

2. Vodka, Gin, or Bourbon? Yes, I’m seeing more and more people serve a Bloody Mary with bourbon.


3. Tall glass, short glass, wine glass?
BEAUTY_Bloody Mary


4. Green olives, celery, lemon and lime? And, oh yes, would you add bacon???


5. Salt rim? Salt and pepper rim? Neither?

6. Tabasco, Sriracha, Frank’s Hot Sauce? Horseradish is a given, right?


I like them spicy, extra horseradish, vodka, not gin or bourbon, two green pimento-stuffed olives on a toothpick so they don’t fall to the bottom,  a lemon and lime wedge, and only a small stalk of celery so there’s no embarrassing celery protruding up your nose moment. Don’t lie, we’ve all been there, done that. Salt and pepper rim is okay, but for us ladies with lipstick on, that might ruin the party look but after two, hey, what lipstick?

This one looks yummy to me.

Celery is too tall, otherwise, a nice looking Bloody Mary
This one works for me too although with such a tall glass, one may be my limit. Dancing on the table at Christmas is not a good look for me. 

Your turn. Tell me how you make them. If I like your recipe, I’ll use it and invite you over for Christmas Eve drinks and some fancy schmancy horsey durveys. Note: You might want to bring along a designated driver.

15 thoughts on “The Most Important Question I’ll Ever Ask You

  1. V8, Vodka, tall glass, Frank’s Hot Sauce, fresh horseradish, olives, lemon, celery SALT (not celery stick). No salt rim. Too messy.

    Better at breakfast than with h’ors doeuvres but if you’re inviting, I’ll show up.

  2. I get my Blue Crab Bay Stingray from fish monger’s store in Florida, but it’s a Chesapeake product.

    Tom Lally (RIP), a forestry client from West Redding CT, was the inventor of Firehouse Jubilee, a Bloody Mary mix hand crafted in the Delmarva Peninsula in September, heavy on the green pepper juice, and sold as a benefit for the West Redding Fire Dept.

    Since then, I have been on an eternal summer quest to find the perfect Lobster Roll and the perfect Bloody Mary.

    Your artistry in the kitchen is noted, but when it’s “Quick, some of the red!” [insert Bible reference to Genesis 25:30] Stingray will do.

    1. I wonder if my mom can find the Sting Ray products in Wilmington. I’ll have to send her in a mission.

      Shockingly, I have not done a lobster roll post. Hard to believe. Mr. EOS won’t eat them out because he swears HIS are perfection. Toasted top sliced hot dog bun to start. The disagreement comes whether to add celery or not. I’m in the yes column. Mr. EOS is a purist. Lobster. Mayo, and not too much, roll. Eat.

        1. have NOT seen the truck. Is it out year-round?? Might be fun to seek out in the dead of winter.

          The best lobster roll I can remember having (that wasn’t prepared by Mr. EOS), was in Damariscotta Maine, some hole in the wall hut along the street. I’m drooling thinking about it. Today would be a good day for one.

    2. Re: lobster roll. Start with a hard shell 1/3/4 -2 lb lobster from cold waters of the Gulf of Maine. Steam or boil it. Remove and coarsest chop claw, knuckle and tail meat. Mix with a very small amount of Hellman’s. Chill.
      Lightly butter both sides of a top sliced hot dog roll. Don’t skimp and use a cheap roll. Toast the roll in a frying pan. Stuff the roll with the chilled lobster meat.
      Adding chopped celery is ok if you don’t overdo it.
      Don’t use a soft shell lobster. The meat won’t be firm enough. Don’t buy lobster meat except at a lobster pound where you know it’s freshly made. Lobster rolls aren’t only for summer eating.
      One way to tell if a lobster roll is made in house is if it contains only claw meat. Another is if the restaurant doesn’t offer a whole steamed lobster. That usually means they buy containers of lobster meat from a supplier. Not necessarily bad- just not the best way to enjoy a lobster roll.

    1. That’s lobster cruelty. Lobster is nature’s most incredible creation. To even think of hanging it as a side to a Bloody Mary, heresy. I’ve been served a Bloody Mary with a hamburger attached, like a mini slider. No thanks.

  3. Best Bloody Mary I ever had was made with Aquavit. I forget what additional trimmins’ were involved, but they were nothing unusual.

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