It’s Not Possible That Today is December 13 and I’m Sitting Outside


It’s got to be over 60 degrees and my brain is trying to compute putting up the Christmas tree, wreaths and garlands, all the while sitting outside in my thong bikini sipping lemon water and leftover morning coffee, planning meals for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

I’ve got lots of thoughts of meals – from paella one night to a pork roast another – side dishes will include a veggie tian or two, for sure Blue Point oysters as an appetizer the night we have meat as the main course, but I’ve dog-earred so many recipe ideas I have to narrow it down.

The fun addition to the festivities is celebrating two birthdays – a 32 and 30. Ask me how old I feel when my baby is 30. Of course, my mother has a 71 year old daughter so I can’t say a peep.

We’ll have a full house which is always fun so twixt and tween organizing the main meals is planning the things that stay in the fridge for lunches and munchies- hearty soups, maybe a Pasta e Fagioli or kale white bean (I can hear Mr. EOS saying, hey, got any chicken noodle for the WASP??). I’ll make a couple of casseroles too – one Lidia Bastianich just made looked great – an artichoke pasta combo.

We did osso bucco last year and that was good and I don’t really want a traditional rib roast so the meat dinner is still under consideration.

Meanwhile, with the weather so perfect, I’m outside, reading yesterday’s WSJ, pretending Christmas isn’t as soon as it really is. Who me, procrastinate??

Happy Sunday. 

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Possible That Today is December 13 and I’m Sitting Outside

  1. EVERYONE is outside today. That includes the hordes of motorcyclists, the antique car enthusiasts with their convertible tops down, the dog walkers, the bicyclists. I feel sorry for Christmas tree sellers. No one is thinking about Christmas.

    1. Same here. Some guy just flew up the hill in his vintage Porsche and several gangs of motorcycles have gone by. Don’t blame them. It is gorgeous out. I’m still outside myself.

  2. We bought our tree today and were about the only ones at the tree farm. The owner said this warm weather has wreaked (sp?) havoc on his sales. A huge part of his sales are sipping hot cider and donuts after cutting the tree. No one was at the concession stand either.

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