There’s So Much Wrong Here, I Don’t Know Where to Begin!

Yes, that’s our First Lady, gettin’ her Gangsta FLOTUS on.
Screen Capture #019

As part of her whatever platform, she’s put out a video encouraging teens to go to college.

The White House said Better Make Room is meant to celebrate education, change the national conversation, and reach students directly where they are and give them a space to create content while also navigating the college-going process.

I was almost unable to keep down my lunch after seeing the video. You too?

First of all, who came up with the name Better Make Room and what ON EARTH does that have to do with education and going to college?? Is it like Make Room for Daddy? But that’s not Danny Thomas in the video with Michelle.

Secondly, who is going to see this video and think, wow, the First lady wants me to go to college so I better just do that? Um, that would be ZERO.

Third, it has always been my contention that NOT EVERYONE SHOULD GO TO COLLEGE. There are plenty of other avenues to success – trade school for one, a military career, and tons more. But the jaded EOS that I am says this video is just part and parcel of the President’s Free College for All plan. She’s playing into the mindset that if you want to go to college, it should be free. Oh joy.

The video is an embarrassment on every level. But inquiring minds want to know: Who paid for this video? How much did it cost? Is there a study behind it to see how many people watch the video and decide to go to college? How quickly can I get You Tube to ban it because it offended me, and caused micro-aggressions. I’m not sure I can finish out the day.

In other Friday news, broccoli crowns at the new Stop&Shop were $2.49/pound. YIKES!


4 thoughts on “There’s So Much Wrong Here, I Don’t Know Where to Begin!

  1. Nope, not gonna watch it. She has a chip on her shoulder and a Beyoncé complex.

    Are you making the Stop & Shop your default now that you’ve forsaken Shoprite?

  2. Completely agree. She is a total disgrace.

    To make you feel better: broccoli with stalk $1.50 lb and organic broccoli with stalk $4.99 lb at Fresh Direct 🤑

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