Please Deposit $65.00 Now


I had an Uh Oh Spaghetti-O moment yesterday calling the hotel in Jamaica where we like to vacation in the winter.

The hotel has two toll free numbers, an 800 and an 866, but I called the hotel directly.

My reasoning: when we left last year we asked how we might put ourselves behind the wheel of the same sweet deal this year – same room category and a nice big discount.

The response: The clerk at check out told us to call the hotel directly and say we are repeat clients – that often brings up rates that first timers don’t get. Okay, will do.

I chatted with Shakrita a good long time yesterday morning, talking about a range of dates etc. I didn’t end up making a reservation but did get a better idea of when we’d have to travel to get the same deal as last year. I wanted to check with Mr. EOS and then figured I’d call her back today with the specifics.

Fast forward about two hours and my home phone was ringing a lot, with caller ID Out Of Area, not anything I ever answer.

Then  the email:


We have noticed some unusual usage on your Verizon account, but have been unable to reach you by telephone to validate the charges.

As a security measure, your long distance toll calling capability has been temporarily turned off until we can talk to you.

I figured it was a scam and for sure I wasn’t going to call the phone number linked in the email, plus I knew there was no unusual usage. Or so I thought.

But something told me I should see what this was all about so I found the Verizon landline customer service phone number (which takes magical powers to dig up) and called.

That phone call I made directly to Half Moon? It threw a giant red flag to Verizon because my landline only has USA unlimited long distance. I don’t have an international plan because I just don’t call overseas.

Until today.

That phone call cost me $65 (!!), two or three drinks at the Seagrape Terrace that we’ll have to go without come wintertime to cover my expenses today.

Two things:

  1. Why would Verizon’s caller ID say Out of Area and not Verizon?
  2. And why would they block my national calls when I DO have an unlimited plan for that.

Live and learn. I told Mr. EOS that it didn’t even occur to me as I made the call that Jamaica was overseas. Well, wait, that sounds bad. I DO know where Jamaica is, and not Jamaica, Queens, but Montego Bay Jamaica, but I never associated the call with my calling plan.

The woman at Verizon wanted to sell me an international calling plan. I said thanks but no. I’ll call the hotel’s 800 number today. Not the 876 number. 🙂 

6 thoughts on “Please Deposit $65.00 Now

  1. I have to chuckle because to people of my vintage (age 62), while we were growing up, a Long Distance Phone Call was a BFD!!! And I don’t necessarily mean a call to Hong Kong either … I mean from one area code in PA to another. Until we were living on our own with our own phone bills, my brother and I were terrorized by our parents that long distance calls were ruinous expenses. Those parents being … our mother admiring her new Ferragamos while my father drank his primo scotch. Methinks, EOS, perhaps you were raised in a household with the same mindset? Anyway, may I offer my favorite rationalization: I’ve spent more money on stupider things! And may I be fortunate enough to do so again!

    1. Actually, our house was full of phones and serious gabbers. My mom called her mother every day in Ohio and many of my friends growing up lived across the DE border in PA, all long distance. My dad was on the losing side of trying to put limits on calls by his wife and chatty daughters. 🙂

  2. A few years back one of mine had a cell phone and a honey working in North Africa. Don’t even guess what one month’s bill was.
    While EOS was enjoying MV I spent Saturday afternoon in DC at the Natural History museum. Could spend days there. Any security around the Smithsonian was discrete. I didn’t see any. Few tourists meant I got a parking space by the castle. Plenty of new construction towards Chevy Chase suggests a heck of a lot of government growth. 😧

    1. I haven’t been to the Natural History Museum. Like all good museums, I leave wishing I could allocate days to absorb all.

      Government growth, ugh.

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