Wasque Point, Chappy. Sorry CosHarbour, There Just Weren’t ANY Peeps to Photograph. None.

The Trustees of the Reservation took what nature created and made it even better, if that’s humanly possible. Wasque Point, when I lived there was pretty much tall scrub, a few narrow dirt paths over to the water and one beat-up driveable path. Today, it’s all fancied up, but not in a bad way. Two gorgeous but simple dirt “roads” that take one down to the beach. Some of the beach is unwalkable today, the cliffs eroding so quickly that they are unstable.

From time to time the beach from Edgartown opens and makes Chappy a real island, such that 4×4’s can’t get from Katama over to Wasque. That happened once in my tenure living there making me 100% reliable on the ferry to get home at night, which also meant I couldn’t party late since the last ferry was way too early for a party gal like me!





Looking back into Edgartown
South facing portion of Wasque


Today there is a man-made pond between the ocean and the land, holding back the erosion.


This is as close as I could get to any of the Schifter property, the house that got moved. 

This is a good set of photos from The Gazette showing aerial views of the Schifter House, it’s location relative to where I was standing, etc.

And a map with some pinpoints of these locations.

1. Cape Poge Lighthouse
2. Dyke Bridge and where we stood for the first serioes of photos
3. The Schifter House at Wasque Point
4. Where we stood for this series of photos, overlooking Katama Pond

My house was right near the point marked #4, so on the times I missed the last ferry and wanted to get home, I’d drive my truck across the beach, cut up on a very tiny dirt path and hope I ended up at my own house and not in the water! It paid to be sober. I am actually pretty impressed that I was so intrepid – single woman living out in the middle of nowhere with no winter neighbors. Talk about being brave. Or stupid?!


2 thoughts on “Wasque Point, Chappy. Sorry CosHarbour, There Just Weren’t ANY Peeps to Photograph. None.

    1. One. We really LOOKED for peeps, just for you. The island was remarkably void of tourists. The locals were all busy with their families. There was a regional ice hockey tournament that took the rest of the locals to the ice rink. That left us and the scalloper. Sorry.

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