My Chappy Life. Chappy Ferry.

I scouted out my first house, way the heck almost at Wasque Point. It was a summer cottage when I bought it for $60k, my parents thought I was nuts. My grandparents gave me the down-payment and I mortgaged the balance, but I was making peanuts at work so my father had to tell the bank, yes, if my daughter can’t pay, I will cover her butt. Not too embarrassing to have to get my dad’s help, but I was grateful.

My first abode!!

I added the screened in porch, added heat, added the second story and deck. It was a modest 2 bedroom 2 bath home but I was proud as punch to own it and not have to move from winter rental to summer rental to winter rental to summer rental. I’m not sure why I was hellbent on living so far from civilization and 99% of the time I loved it. 1% of the time I thought for sure an axe murderer would slay me and no one would find me for days! I rented it out for a while after we left the Vineyard and that was a disaster. A friend of a friend trashed the place. I put it up for sale after that. Shockingly, the house hasn’t changed one iota since I sold it for $285. I thought I had won the lottery. The savings interest rate when I sold was upwards of 15% so I lived pretty well until we bought our next home!

The house everyone called The Chappy Hilton!

There was a gaggle of guys from Buffalo New York who rented this house every summer with their current girlfriends – the house had something like nine bedrooms. I got to know all those guys really well (NO, not THAT kind of really well!), and one of them is still a good friend today. The house was sold by the owners who named it The Hilton and it has some bogus dumb name today. Bah. Once the Hilton, always the Hilton.

Every town needs a junk dealer!

Jerry Jeffers ran the town junk yard and “store”. I think some of the cars that were there in the 1970s are still there today.

Remember these from Jaws!

Part of Jaws was filmed at the Chappaquiddick Beach Club.

Waiting for the Chappy Ferry back to Edgartown

Had to wait for one ferry ride. In front of me was one Verizon truck as Chappy is finally getting cable. They fought for it for decades but no provider could see the financial merit in spending so much money for the infrastructure for so few year-round residents. But I guess the residents wore Verizon down and the FIOs cable is going in.

My ride back to town yesterday……….what memories. The ferry driver knew who was sleeping with whom because he’d greet the drive of shame vehicles at 6am. Boy, what a tell all book he could have written. I’m talking about friends of course, not me! 🙂

In those days we residents got quite the cheap deal to commute – we bought monthly passes or books of tickets. Yesterday our round trip, with two people in the car, $20!!!!!!!!!!!! Loser tourists, the driver thought. Little did he know, he was so young it didn’t make any sense to say, hey, I was a local once upon a time.