Historic Edgartown Homes- I’ll Take Every One, Please

The town of Edgartown is quintessentially New England perfection. White or gray homes. Shuttered with real deal shutters. But the price tags made my jaw drop. 

Yes please.
The Charlotte Inn
More yes please
Did I tell you the town was empty!
No one around
In town gems
No land but walk to town


Looking down North Water Street
Standing at the Edgartown Lighthouse looking at the backs of the homes along North Water
The huge house is along billionaires row – Starbucks Neck. Doesn’t get better than there.

Two houses were going under serious restoration. This one was up on blocks, gutted to be saved. A labor of love. Look at the 12 over 12 windows.







Not sure that this house is undergoing renovation. Looks too far gone and if the Big Bad Wolf huffed and puffed, he could blow this puppy dog down.


The Old Whaling Church is getting a new topper.


And we flipped a coin to see which one of us was okay with being arrested for stealing this gorgeous copper weathervane atop the Town Hall.

We zipped over to see the HGTV Dream Home of 2015 that was won by someone from Louisiana.She sold without ever moving in. She was required to make an appearance to see the house, then I guess she called a realtor.

Click thumbnails to enlarge.

The entire street, the once modest Crocker Drive, is today one after another new big houses. I don’t see any value there. No water view. Can’t walk to town. Kind of in-between nowhere and nothing. The HGTV house looked far prettier on the show than it does squished between other new houses. ZERO land. And its backyard goes straight down a hill to a man-made pond for the residences of the Field Club on a road behind it. The winner was smart to sell. She did alright by selling.

This concludes the Martha’s Vineyard 40-Year Reunion Tour. I took a ton more photos but I’m sure I’ve bored you plenty already so I’ll end with last night’s sunset. Our take-away was that the Vineyard was really special place to live, that we were both lucky to have made it our home and have friends who also appreciated the nature that was around us every day.

7 thoughts on “Historic Edgartown Homes- I’ll Take Every One, Please

  1. Fantastic pictures of houses. The lack of peeps/cars is a bit disconcerting, but, is it fair to say that the town is inhabited by mostly part time residents? I don’t know why, but, I kept thinking about John Updike’s Couples as I scrolled through the pics.

    1. As a former locals, Mr. EOS and I can tell you that the summer dinks are gone by Thanksgiving. Once the fall arrives, locals have a harder time earning a living and just hunker down at home. Very few shops were open in Edgartown. More shops open in Vineyard Haven. Few in Oak Bluffs. It takes a mentally and financially healthy year-rounder to save money for the winter and also not succumb to the easy access to booze and drugs.

      1. Yes, well, you can tell by the light, shadows, foliage, etc. that ‘fun’ time is over.
        Regarding the house being given the new foundation/basement: I am impressed that what appear to be 2x8s or 2x10s can support their portion of the weight of the house on those steel I-beams extending out the windows – pretty clever if you want to build the new support walls right up to the house without having voids after the steel is removed.

  2. Such a terrific tribute to the Vineyard. My son and his family were on Nantucket this weekend for the annual Christmas weekend. It was mobbed he said.

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