Beautiful Day and Not an Iceberg in Sight!

Yesterday was a crystal clear day, the waters calmer than I can ever remember, making our ferry ride to MVY like walking on glass. The ferry was pretty full, although more large local transport trucks than passenger cars.

The couple we had dinner with last night, when the husband isn’t manning his sheep and tree farm, he adds to his income by driving an 18-wheeler 2-3 days a week and he said his ferry ticket is $450 each way! He’s up at 5 and not home until almost 7pm. Good man.

Anyway, the best way to spot a tourist is to go up top of the ferry – we were the ones wanting to see the view. The regulars know to stay warm inside with a cup of coffee.

Utility ferry next to our slip
Clear sailing ahead
Backing out
The 12p leaving Vineyard Haven
West Chop Lighthouse
Peeps, the few of us!
The bowels of the ferry – full up