Oh Drat! 

I went to upload all the photos from today into a couple of blog posts when I realized I forgot to bring the camera cable. Doink.

But I did gather a couple from my phone- local oysters OH MY GOD good.

And the Edgartown lighthouse just as the sun was setting.

Sorry for the glitch. I might be able to find a cable tomorrow but if I can’t, it’ll be Sunday night. I’ll take more on my phone but the good ones of the lighthouse are on the camera. Oy. 

6 thoughts on “Oh Drat! 

  1. Cable work around – walk data card to Edgartown Stop&Shop photo booth -> email to self.

    As to the oysters, 1 down – Oh my Gosh good – 5 to go.

    What is the local name? Were they shucked with bottom attached or cut free? Liquor or not?

    1. Went up Radio Shack in VH and got a USB reader.
      I’m having the oysters again tonight so I’ll ask which pond. I think I heard Katama pond. I did not ask bottom attached or cut free but I will tonight.

  2. I love-love oysters with homemade horseradish and a dash of coctail sauce. The best way to clear the sinus passages and warm the belly. Glass of champagne would be perfection.

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