Speaking of Hillary…..

I am listening to the endless spew of rumor and speculation from cable news anchors who are hell bent on interviewing eyewitness to the shooting in San Bernardino, California this afternoon.

First reports said twenty people dead. Now reports are that three are dead. In other words, NO ONE knows a thing.

But leave it to Hillary to give a shout-out to gun control. Way to politicize this Hillary.


Alas, Hillary wasn’t the first Democrat to make the shooting about the NRA. Martin O’Malley wins that award, not even a half hour after the shooting began. Yes, the Martin O’Malley who no one knows and no one will vote for but he has to make a statement.


A Los Angeles reporter on CNN just asked a man whose daughter was in the building if she told him if there were lots of bodies laying around. Crimony.

Fox is worse, letting Shep Smith out of his closet for breaking news reporting. He’s unbearable!

Then, as if the shooting itself isn’t bad enough, many reporters are asking if this is another Planned Parenthood attack because the PP building is…wait….1.3 MILES away from the building. Gotta get that PP link in there somehow.

See what I mean:  

Add Nancy Pelosi and Debbie Wasserman Schultz to the “gun control” post tragedy mania.   

I’m turning the TV off. Let me know how it ends. I’m going back to my book.


13 thoughts on “Speaking of Hillary…..

  1. We’re watching CNN and are sick at the way the anchors talk out their ass. Jake Tapper should know better.

    If nothing else, you can be sure Obama will make a speech tonight.

  2. Jake is asking if it could be act of terrorism. One shooter that they are looking for is named Farood. I don’t believe that’s of Amish derivation.

  3. Barack has managed to add his two cents, yada yada gun control yada prayers yada yada Republicans.

    MSNBC is using Sandy Hook references when the building in California is not an elementary school. The reporting is all about trigger words.

    1. Obama and Hillary said “there are steps we can take” for fewer mass shootings. What steps?

      California has very strict gun laws. The police say the shooters came prepared armed. And managed to flee. No steps or gun laws are going to prevent such insanity.

  4. The “thoughts and prayers” Twitter crowd is in full swing too.

    I turned off the TV before the kids got home from school. I do let them watch news and we talk about shooting incidents but not tonight, at least until there’s more information on the why’s.

    1. Re the thoughts and prayers. Despite all the hate levied at the GOP for their tweets, today Obama opened his remarks offering THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS.

      Crickets from media.

  5. I’m watching Fox and am seeing so many police milling around, chatting. I know 14 dead isn’t remotely funny so please don’t take this the wrong way, but why is everyone just standing around? If the three men escaped and are presumed on the 101 or 15, then why aren’t there helicopters overhead?

    One Fox man said this must not be terrorism because it hasn’t been reported that the shooters shouted Allah Akbar. Dumb.

  6. The mantra ‘if you see something say something’ has proved to be useless in this shooting. A neighbor of the shooter told the press she saw lots of Arab men coming and going at all hours from his home but was afraid to call police because she thought she’d be profiling a Muslim.

    I can understand her fear. I might not have called either.

    NY Daily News slammed the thoughts and prayers people. I agree the phrase is overused.

    1. More than one neighbor saw the Arab men and said nothing. I’d like to think I would have called police. Thankfully I didn’t have to be put in that position.

  7. What do you think motivates someone to publicly put words on the web in response to this type of tragedy? If they are silent, will their online friends think they are heartless? Uninformed? Uninterested?
    Geez, get your bent head out of the phone and think how lucky you are……but don’t put that into words!

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