Don’t Have a Website if You Ignore It!

As we make the long list of things we want to do on the Vineyard this weekend, I went hunting for an old local haunt of the 1970s, Giordano’s in Oak Bluffs. Not fine cuisine mind you, just pizza and clams, but with lots of people you know around you gabbing, the only-okay food goes down better. 

But…………………their menu……………….um, really, 2013??


It’s likely they KNOW they don’t need to tell anyone they exist, or that anyone will actually need to look at their menu, but still, it’s a matter of principle. Have a website. Keep it up to date.

Here’s our list so far of what we want to accomplish in one very short weekend:

  1. See the relocated Gay Head Lighthouse
  2. Find the HGTV Dream Home, Edgartown
  3. Drive by my old house on Chappy
  4. Walk along Wasque Beach
  5. See if we can spy the moved house on Chappy from the shore (probably not)
  6. Bunch of Grapes Bookstore, THE BEST independent bookstore in all the land
  7. Black Dog Bakery for breakfast, even though I bet 95% of their revenue these days is from Black Dog products – mugs, tees, dog leashes, hats……
  8. Alison Shaw Studio (I worked with Alison at The Gazette – an amazing photographer and I love buying her work). Note: bring AMEX.
  9.  Back Door Donuts, only open at night, from 7:30p til 1am. Hot, fresh, in a bag. No dieters allowed.
  10. Drive-bys of old houses once lived in.
  11. Walk into the Vineyard Gazette office to see if I know anyone. Probably not.
  12. Photograph. Walk. Photograph. Laugh. Walk. Visit. East. Laugh. Walk. Photograph. Eat. And maybe, sleep, but with so little time, sleep might not happen.





6 thoughts on “Don’t Have a Website if You Ignore It!

    1. Good question. Maybe the relocated lighthouse. Or Wasque Beach. Or fresh seafood. Or the donuts. Or strolling through a real bookstore. Or walking around town.

  1. Unless I misinterpreted your point, they DON’T have a website. Well, good for them. Sounds like exactly the kind of place that shouldn’t have one. However, by hand or by website, menus / promos dated March 2013 … Zombie Apocalypse?

    1. Luckily, for the preservation of eyesight of other residents in town, wintertime will not permit us to scamper nude across the beaches of up-island.

      As for Obama, whenever he does show up, it’s very surprising to me to read the comments in the Gazette. More and more don’t want him. I will bet that once you and I no longer pay for his vacations, he’ll be enjoying a week at the Jersey shore.

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