Two Really Bad Photos! 

But both convey our readiness to start the Christmas season….now!!!

New York, with two strands at the bottom out, for reasons yet to be determined.

Rhode Island. The cupola is singing I’m Finally Done with strands of lights beaming proud.

PS: It’s official: the Giants stink!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Two Really Bad Photos! 

  1. We even have our tree up. Earliest ever but we’re having an office party this weekend so I had no choice but to decorate today.

    Love your outdoor lights!

  2. Thanks for tip-off re the Giants’ loss — I don’t care, but my son will be profoundly grumpy, so I shall refrain from calling or texting him for a day or two.

    I love outdoor Christmas lights … always have. Southerners invariably get their outdoor lights up over Thanksgiving weekend, and it makes the next 6 weeks a delight for me for evening dog walks.

    Here’s a sincere — albeit profoundly unimportant — question: is the following a “Southern thing” or not? The thing being this: so many friends and acquaintances have the interiors of their houses decorated for Christmas in a way that strikes me as over the top. Many of the ornaments and do-dads are lovely, but the excessively abundant “greenery” is invariably fake. Quality fake, but fake. To me, this makes their houses look like department stores. Upmarket, attractive department stores, yes, but not houses. Does this occur in the Northeast Corridor (my home turf) also? Haven’t lived there for almost 20 years. Things may have changed indeed.

    1. The grumps today are the Patriots fans! Losing in OT. Ouch.

      We do less and less decorating for Christmas every year, but still love a good big live tree. I can’t wrap my head around a fake tree or fake greenery.

      I suppose when the kids were little we decorated the inside over the top but we also entertained a lot more then too. Now I’ve given the kids their childhood stockings and some special ornaments as they start their own family traditions. I don’t even put out the whole crèche anymore either. Part of me misses all the big decorating but I admit to liking how easy it is to clean up now that there’s less out.

  3. What am I going to do with all that holiday spirit in the attic?
    Way too much (I will never find the bad bulb in those strings of light)
    But when I bring them out, each one is an old friend.

    1. Most definitely ornaments are old friends. I remember who made what, who gave me one, and sigh when I find a favorite one broken.

      But we went 100% LED with lights, buying the true color variety which means red is red not purple. The long old strands where one bad bulb ruined the strand are history, gladly.

  4. outdoor lights up, but will do tree next weekend. I cannot get my mind round putting up the tree in November! When we lived in the UK we did not put tree up till mid December, I think we start Christmas later there, but we do usually keep tree up until at least after New Year. Although tradition states it must be taken down by January 6th.

    1. I’m not ready for the indoor tree yet. Probably mid-December got us. We used to wait for Epiphany but we tend to take everything down right after the New Year. Pretty bah humbug.

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