I’m Hoping It Wasn’t The Aspirin Therapy


UPDATE: I was able to visit Sharon at Mount Sinai. She mustered a smile, a good thing. She was not able to speak but she could nod and acknowledge my commentary. I held her hand the whole time I was there and it calmed us both down. She’s going to be okay but will take lots of therapy. Yay modern medicine and the good docs at Mount Sinai. 

I got a call last night from the daughter of my friend Sharon, the one who recently underwent Aspirin Desensitization in Nyack in October. Sharon suffered a pretty bad stroke and is in a hospital in the city so I’m heading in to see her today.

I’m no doctor and I hope the stroke is unrelated to the aspirin regimen, but I can’t get past the disconnect I had when Sharon was receiving such high doses of aspirin and would have to keep taking as much as 600+ milligrams a day for the rest of her life so that her body could tolerate pain killers when she needed one.

Seems absolutely counterintuitive to me, to add medicines to your system when it isn’t called for but I’m not visiting to be The Grand Inquisitor, I’m there to be thankful she’s alive. She was found on the floor by her daughter and was quickly taken to the hospital for surgery. She has some paralysis and some speech loss but today there’s good therapy to bring her back to 100%. I hope so.

I didn’t sleep much last night thinking how lucky Sharon is to have been found. They say timing is everything when you have a stroke. More as I know.

2 thoughts on “I’m Hoping It Wasn’t The Aspirin Therapy

  1. I’m surprised they will let you visit today. It’s usually reserved for family until the patient is stabilized.

    Good luck to her. It can be a long road to full recovery.

  2. I’m not a doctor either but a stroke implies a blockage that would not correlate to taking aspirin. The artery was likely blocked way before any program that allowed her to tolerate pain medicines.

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