Fab Friday Fotos

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving gathering with lots of leftovers for today to make that all important hot turkey sandwich!!!

We had a great dinner at Campagna, the new restaurant at the Bedford Post Inn. Thanksgiving was served family style, with everything on the huge menu brought on plates to the table one course at a time. Easy to pass and share. And the best part, plenty to bring home as leftovers, all neatly packed up for us to carry home. We didn’t know a soul at the restaurant so we surmised that they were city peeps coming out to the country for the day. Not many huge families either – mostly couples, and tables of friends who didn’t have family nearby and didn’t want to cook.

Enough about Thanksgiving – photos for today are compliments of Libertarian Advocate, Sound Beacher, and Cos Harbour.

The one from LibAdv I’m sure isn’t his own dog or taken by him even, but as fellow pit bull owners, he knew I’d love and want to post this anyway!

Where’s MY Turkey??

Cos, a variety of photos on his travels yesterday and in the city, his specialty, architectural marvels.

Brookfield CT sky and wind
Funky bateau and powerlines
Former US Steel Building NYC. A classic contextual architecture building.

Sound Beacher made her way to MY neck of the woods, I mean really my neck of the woods, the Mianus Gorge, practically in my backyard. It’s a gem that we truly appreciate here, that we gladly donate money to keep its projects and research going, so I’m glad out-of-towners are coming over to see what we all know – that the Gorge is a treasure.

The colors in the fallen leaves with pretty green ferns.

The Mianus River, it’s so pretty with the sunlight sparkling. 

Along the riverbed, pops of green grow.

There is an old stone quarry and hikers have picked out the best rocks and created a display. As with any park you can’t remove anything. You know the saying: Take only pictures leave only footsteps.

The rocks on display, include quartz, feldspar, and mica


What a beauty


This is a great hiking place but it closes for the winter on November 30th, so the paths and woods can return to nature. I just went for the first time when I shot these pics. Now I’ll have to wait till April to get out there again.

Also from Sound Beacher, an Autumnal Wrap-up.

The Stamford lighthouse.  I liked how the late day sun hit the red of the boat hull, the red of the lighthouse and the red stripes on the L.I. smokestacks.
Fall Foliage and the new mansion construction along the Mianus River.
Sign of the Season, the boats getting hauled out of The Cove. It seems there are a lot less boats are on the hard this year…
New York Public Library, the fall mums and the stately lion; is it Patience or Fortitude, and autumn leaves overhead.
Thanks all for the great photos.
To anyone who got up early and went shopping for Black Friday deals, I only have one question: why????



8 thoughts on “Fab Friday Fotos

  1. Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Outstanding photographs and photographers!
    Three comments:
    1) That little buoy also picks up the red in the Stamford lighthouse photo, fwiw.
    2) More auto photos from Cosharbour – I really like the pic of the Fiat coupe in a previous post.
    3) The NYC tower with the stamped metal panels is, I believe, the old Socony-Mobil Building.

  2. Mianus pictures:
    ten years old, after thanksgiving meal, rushing out of the house down the street to meet friends in the woods (before the new subdivision) , crawl up rock outcrops, hop over streams, laughing, pretending something, finally going home before dark.
    No fear, only possibilities ahead, adventures welcomed.

    Thanks for the memories Sound Beacher

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