Time to Baste the Turkey! 

Oh wait, that’s the rest of you. Our fridge is full of all kinds of goodies for healthy munching but no turkey.   

We’re heading out to eat, to let others cook for us and others do the dishes. Mostly for the good although I admit to missing the bustling kitchen, the smell of a turkey roasting, the pretty table setting and everyone huddled around to gab. Oh, and the leftovers at 10pm. 

Wherever you gather and with whom, it’s a great day to be thankful. Thankful for family and friends especially. 

The entire EOS family says Happy Thanksgiving. 

4 thoughts on “Time to Baste the Turkey! 

  1. We’re going out too. My sibs and their extended families are staying with me for three days and we don’t particularly get along so it’s easier to dine out than fight over corn bread versus oyster dressing.

    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Thank you, EOS, for your always entertaining, informative and helpful blog. Where else would I learn that Punkin Chunkin was called off, that new washing machines might not fit in the old spot, that Bedford special snowflakes drive just like they do in my own town and much more I didn’t realize I needed to know until I saw it here.
    We’re having a small group here for dinner. Table is set but that’s as far as I’ve gotten. We’ll eat when everyone is here and the roasted turkey is ready to slice.
    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  3. 🦃Happy Thanksgiving! 🍾🍗

    I am so going to lift up my lower shelf and basket in my fridge to give me more than two inches space between the lower drawers. Xoxo

  4. Double ditto what Swanton said. We do love our daily dose of EOS.

    We’re doing Thanksgiving up big. 27 people including six under age 10. I defer to my wife’s expertise preparing (she’s a fabulous cook) but I’ll be the good husband and do the dishes.

    Happy thanksgiving from Miami.

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