Ninety-Seven Never Looked So Good



What a stellar weekend of celebration! Believe it or not, these are the only photos I have, and I didn’t even take them. I brought my camera along and never once took it out – we had that much fun.

Mom is still in the city, enjoying a hotel room service breakfast right about now, arranged by her grandchildren. Then she wants to shop shop shop (the woman is a clotheshorse), she’ll have lunch with an old friend, then dinner at my sister’s, then back to Delaware tomorrow.

The only clunker of the weekend was the play we saw on Saturday night – the goal was to pick something that was age appropriate for the great- grandchildren, was something the rest of us hadn’t seen, that was fun and light, and that a sizable block of tickets for all of us could be bought without giving up a first born. That brought us to Dames At Sea.

It opened recently with some decent reviews but 85% of the theater was empty and the people not in our party all seemed like they were friends or family of the cast members OR, as some of us guessed, were tourists PAID to come in off the street to fill seats. People in cargo shorts, sweatshirts, ski caps….maybe they were homeless? They sure weren’t full fare theater tickets holders, making us look like the only schmucks who DID pay full freight. At intermission we got up and moved seats, every row behind us empty – no one on either side either. Very strange.

The play was very low budget, only six people in the whole cast, but it did have lots of great tap dancing and singing so it made the youngest and the oldest ones delighted. The rest of us took bets on how long it will take for the curtain to go dark on the play. Next week is my guess.

All in all, despite terror threats, tons of police in suits of armor, and lots of crazy tourists near the theater district, we had an amazing weekend with family bonding time, stacks (and stacks) of photos to look at from Iran, catching up on cousins jobs and lives, eating, drinking, even church at 8am (yawn) at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

I will say for as young as my mother is mentally and physically, we did notice she is having trouble seeing and one of us always held on to her as we traversed the city streets. She wanted to walk to Saks on her own this morning and fought us tooth and nail when we insisted that one of us walk her to Saks, but she finally capitulated. It’s hard enough to walk in the city with full eyesight but at 97, with some cloudiness in her eyes, no way. One trip, and bam. We’ll all be happy when she’s back on Delaware turf.

Happy Monday one and all – and Thanksgiving week.

11 thoughts on “Ninety-Seven Never Looked So Good

  1. Love it. Thanks for the overview and photos.

    Happy Thanksgiving week to you as well.

    Catherine, John, and family

  2. What a wonderful fun family celebration. You are all very blessed to have such a matriarch to gather around for joyous occasions.

  3. What a beautiful woman! Hope she found a dozen must have items at Saks today and bought them all to keep that smile glowing.
    And lucky you, EOS, to have those terrific longevity and positive outlook genes.

  4. Happy 97 years young to your mom! I sounds/looks like a great time was had by all – and that’s as it should be.

    By the way, given the progression of the photographs, you didn’t use those trick candles that re-light after they are blown out? Hilarious, yes, but is being disinherited worth the risk?

  5. My word, you mum looks amazing!!!! Mine just 3 years behind yours is having a bit of a rough time now. Happy Thanksgiving to the whole clan!

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