Dawg and Bear have checked in, saying they are having a fine time together.

It’s gorgeous in the city. Couldn’t have picked a better weekend!


6 thoughts on “DBFFs

  1. Careful there. From what I read somewhere on net, Anonymous has hacked ISIS and reports that the shitheads are planning attacks globally for tomorrow.

  2. We were in NYC all day yesterday, saw a play had dinner. There were plenty of crowds. The only thing that was off putting was the guys in black body amour and helmets with serious rifles at Rock Center along with the bomb sniffing dog all under the Christmas Tree. (Which will be lit on next Wed. 12/2 fyi)

  3. Saw “An American in Paris” which since we are such a ballet family we loved. We had a lot of empty seats nears us, too. Rest of the crowd was oldsters! Last week I saw “On Your Feet” a matinee full of bridge & tunnels crowd, lots of ladies. That show had just a few empty seats! A few weeks back saw “Charles the III” 4th row orchestra, so who cared who else was in the theatre. All 3 are good shows I really enjoyed them and also recommend them! I”ve got my Hamilton tickets…. for Sept. 2016!!

    1. Hamilton was tops on our list for this weekend but we didn’t care to spend $1k a seat – we have our tickets for 2016 too. My sister’s seen it. A niece is going next week. We tried earlier but I balked at $525/seat. Little did I know that was a bargain and I should have taken it.

      Great that you see so many plays!

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