It’s Time to Paaartay!


Checklist nearly complete:

Weekend playdate arranged for Dawg with her best friend Bear

Party hats, balloons, plates, noisemakers bought

Cards bought and signed

 Hotel reservations made, best room in the house for mom

Dinner reservations made

Theater tickets bought

Sunday brunch planned

Car service for mom from Wilmington, arranged. 

Kids Grandma-approved outfits vetted by me – yes, that does mean using an IRON for god’s sake.


Birthday cake and candles, done.


All that’s left is to have a great time!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 And believe you me, we will.




11 thoughts on “It’s Time to Paaartay!

    1. Chris, I haven’t laughed that hard in ages!

      EOS, you know how lucky you are to have such a vibrant and healthy 97yo mom who loves partying in the city. Enjoy every special moment.

      PS: who are JMandJ?

  1. We’re in the city ourselves, an annual trek from Florida my wife insists we do to see museums and plays. We’ve noticed a huge increase in police presence. 😬

    Have fun celebrating.

    1. My mother mentioned her concern over the most recent threats to NYC but she is a fatalist. As are the rest of us. We go and do. Can’t be paralyzed over threats. Ever.

      Hope YOU two have fun in the city too.

  2. Balloons, cake, ice cream,silly hats, presents and a happy family to celebrate the birthday of a pretty neat gal. What could be better? Have a ball!

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