The Runaway Cart

My thousand and one errands today included a trip to the grocery store and when done I began the dreaded ritual of pushing the heavy cart to the car, uphill of course!


At the same time I was crossing the inner roadway, a lovely, quite senior woman was crossing from the parking lot area into the store, HurryCane in hand, Ray Charles sunglasses on, the whole nine yards of being really old. She didn’t see the yellow speed bump and started to topple over.

To catch her before she fell, I let my cart go, not seeing that my cart went on its merry way, across the path.

I wasn’t concerned because my entire focus was on the woman. By this time, a wonderful young man came over to help me help her up. She did fall to her knees but between the two of us we saved her from falling flat on her face.

She seemed okay, was appreciative of the help, but wanted to go on her way into the store to shop. That was enough excitement for the day, so I thought.

By the time I got to my cart, I realized it did indeed do a wee bit of careening and found the tail end of a black Escalade. Uh oh. The woman who owned the Escalade was there, angry as all get out that the cart hit her car.

I explained the situation, another woman who saw what happened also tried to explain to Escalade Mama I had to let the cart go. I ASSUMED the Escalade Mom would understand but she was  ornery and just plain feisty (or drunk, not sure which). I couldn’t see that the cart had done any damage so I grabbed the cart, apologized and started to head to my car when she came after me, yes, she came after me, and wanted me to pay her for the damage to her car.

I was so taken aback I laughed, thinking for sure she was kidding, but she was not. I told her I would not pay her any money because my cart caused no damage. I asked her to show me what she thought was the damage and she went off the rails, swearing up a storm at ME.

I think she wanted to take it out back and duke it out with me. I felt cornered and not sure what to do but luckily the same young man who helped me pick up the older woman came to my rescue. He pretty much got in her face and told her to take a hike. She skulked away, her way too tight LuluLemon pants wedged up her butt, and I thanked the young man profusely.

All the way home I thought about the woman who yelled at me, wondering what kind of person could drop the F-bomb and other assorted words for such a simple non-incident. She seemed high to me and I actually worried that she was in some altered state. Of course, it could be it’s just that she’s a bitch, and that is her normal state. I didn’t hang around long enough to analyze her. What a day.

Two Bedford Moms at Shoprite, fighting over the last free turkey



16 thoughts on “The Runaway Cart

  1. All Escalade Moms are nuts. There was a cream colored Escalade parked all wonky in a space (half into another space) at CVS. An older woman opposite her backed up and bumped into the Escalade and the Escalade mom went ballistic. Same woman?

    1. Agree about Escalade moms. They are a breed into themselves. Bedford has mostly Suburban moms who tend to be a kinder gentler group. Thankfully we don’t have the Greenwich Range Rover mom. They make Escalade moms look like sweet old ladies!

      Crossing from the lot to any of our grocery stores is an accident waiting to happen. Glad you were able to help out today, even if it almost caused a TMZ viral video.

  2. Wow, maybe she is really stressed out trying to pay the upkeep on the facade. Or drugs. My husband had to take a driving class when we moved back to get his drivers license and the teacher said that all those crazy fast and lane shifting swerving drivers are 95% likely to be seriously high on something (not pot!)

    1. I’m guessing she was high on something. Her eyes were all bulging. I hate to think how she reacts to real problems if she went overboard on me for nothing. It was sad to watch her explode and I’m grateful the young man diffused the problem.

  3. Yikes, that is situation. You REALLY have to come and shop down here in CT. The Stamford Shop Rite has nice people who chat you up over the meat selection. I’ve had people recommend to buy the limited edition English muffins with the cranberries that are only available this time of year. It takes a little longer to shop, but since its a nice time it’s OK.
    The Young man really went above and beyond , nice he had your back.
    You may have to start Pea Pod grocery delivery and stay home 🙂 !

    1. I’m taking this incident for what it was- one whacky woman. Hopefully she’ll get help for whatever her problems are. The young man who took up my defense could have gone two ways. I’m just glad he diffused her ticking bomb rather than aggravating it.

  4. So, by the way, are you a near or far away Parker at the market?
    And, how it the fit-bit going (or is it bit-fit) ?

    1. I’m a far away parker, always!! As close as it gets to Thanksgiving and the mobs at the markets, the harder it is to park away. I look for a space nowhere near the cart return, at the end of a line of spaces where at most I would have one person to my left. Easier said than done.

      I’m just off a 45 minute treadmill walk so my FitBit is smiling at me, beeping that I did a good job. The women in my family are size zero to size six so I’ve got to suck it in all party weekend and be prepared for the “I can’t eat another thing” comments after one of them takes two bites of a salad. 🙂

  5. We have a relatively recent massive Range Rover invasion here in my zip code. It’s my guess that the brand (now owned by Tata in India, BTW) has one or two models that have the logo and basically have “the look,” but cost less … kind of like the BMWs that I used to call “WBMs” — as in “Why Bother Mobiles.” I think these cars are, for the most part, owned or leased by a socially anxious younger crew. I’m glad I’m too old and fat to have to impress anyone with my wheels.

    Anyway, of course there are potentially a dozen + reasons why Miz Escalade was so nasty. Thanks go to that young man who diffused the situation.

      1. I did make it up, actually. Late ’80s, early 90s, it seems to me, the previously teensy business of leasing cars to individuals caught on big time, accompanied by (facilitated by?) the introduction of less-expensive models of “prestige” cars that were — taa daa — magically affordable, via lease. Perhaps that was, unwittingly, a consumer mentality warm-up for the housing bubble. I mean, if I can afford a BMW (albeit one with two squirrels for an engine), why shouldn’t I have a 3500 sf house with high-end finishes and a pool?

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