Pop Quiz

If I took out the trash this morning per my once a week norm but by day’s end the trash man didn’t take said garbage, is it because

A. Their truck broke down like it did last week?

B. The never ending road paving trucks made it impossible for the trash truck to make his route?

C. That they come on Wednesday and I put the trash out on Tuesday, all the while thinking it was Wednesday???

OY, what’s next, this??


8 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. We didn’t get our garbage picked up this week either….. but then no one remembered to put the can out. When looking inside the can, you realize in a weeks time, there really isn’t much garbage. We do however have a LOT of recycled items and I don’t want to “forget” to put that out this week. It is always full up within a week.
    PS our guy comes at dawn so you must put it out the night before. Thus it’s easy to forget….

    1. Funny!!!!

      We hardly have any trash too, and honestly they could come here every other week and still be too often.
      My guys come in the afternoon but the instructions are the same as yours: be ready by dawn!!!
      I’m still trying to train Dawg to take out the recycling.

    2. That is exactly the problem, a Tues collection is really Mon night.
      So why not call it Mon night?
      Living in a private community of 100 families who voted for pick-up time
      results in a 10-noon window. Perfect for after breakfast clean out
      and less crow ravaged debris.

      1. Doing that exact thing right now- the coffee grinds, the stubs of the loaf of bread, and something red in the crisper, formerly known as a pepper!!

        I learned my lesson long ago that trash cans need to be tightly sealed. Raccoon!!!!!!! What an embarrassing mess.

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